Top 3 Google Ranking SEO Factors in 2018

Written by: Jason Bayless | May 21, 2018

“Google ranking (SEO) factors are constantly changing and evolving. For that reason, it’s important to know monitor which factors influence rankings the most and when they were updated. By knowing this, you can stay on top of your optimization habits and at least focus down on the most important SEO factors. Generally speaking, it’s impossible to do a great job optimizing your website with every known rank factor. There are hundreds and sometimes, those rank factors are out of your control.

Here are the top three Google ranking SEO factors in 2018:

Web page content quality and length

There are a number of ways that Google judges a webpages content quality. Many believe that Google has a grammar checker built into their algorithm, but this is still up for debate. In fact, it is more likely that they don’t since many blogs have an informal style to their writing but still rank quite well. Instead, Google uses other factors such as images, image uniqueness, social signals, links, engagement, time on page, bounce rate, and other factors to indicate content quality. Bounce rate and time on page perhaps being the most important factor.

A webpage’s length can have a significant impact on its search engine rankings as well. Today, long-form content performs best, considerably better than it has in the past. Many times, it outranks the conventional 5 to 600-word blog post. If an article is very elaborate and has more than 1500 words, chances are it goes into great detail about the topic and is a very valuable piece. There is an incentive for search engines to rank this type of content highly.

High-quality content is often referred to as authoritative content. The more effort you put into producing a strong piece that’s engaging and worthy of ranking high in the search engines, the more likely it actually will.

Backlinks from quality pages

Link building as always and probably will always be the most important Google rank factor. Links show search engines that your content is valuable and has been referenced by other high-quality sites on the Internet. Links have to be high quality though and simply getting a link doesn’t mean that it’s going to benefit your rankings. If you can get links through methods like guest posting, shares from influencers, and other high-quality tactics, these types of links will benefit your rankings the most. Use this list of link building methods to find other ways to get good quality backlinks. The quality of the page is equally important. A link that comes from a page with relevant content, a low bounce rate, high amount of time on page, and other indicators of valuable content will be the most beneficial.

Anchor text profile

Your anchor text profile is the final Google ranking SEO factor of 2018. It’s another top influential factor and it’s something that you need to keep a close eye on. Search engines were once heavily manipulated and because of this, they cracked down and now extensively monitor anchor text. Anchor text is the keywords or text that is used for a backlink. If a website links to you and they use specific words for that link, this can influence your search engine rankings. Often times, when people engage in link building to their own website they use targeted keyword phrases as the anchor text and this leads to an over-optimization penalty. Search engines see this as self-promotion since natural backlinks to rarely come with targeted anchor text. Instead, diversify your anchor text profile with brand-name links, raw http://, generic anchor text, etc. The more you can do to add diversification your backlink profile, the better.


These are the top three Google ranking factors identified today. To be effective with your SEO campaign in 2018, you need to focus down on improving these three influential factors. Keep in mind, there are dozens, if not hundreds of other great factors that need to be taken into consideration. You won’t be able to optimize your website with all of these rank factors in mind which is why this top three list is so important.”