Top 16 Most Effective SEO Tips

Written by: Jason Bayless | August 23, 2017

There is no getting around the fact that search engine optimization is still one of the best ways to generate traffic for your website. Here’s 16 of the most effective ways that SEO can help your business grow.

Competitive Research

Focusing on your competition and see what keywords they are ranking for. Begin a strategized campaign to build up the presence of those keywords in your website.

Keyword Focus

Begin with one keyword at a time and make sure that it is the main focus of your search engine optimization efforts. After that, you can start to use variations of that keyword.

Valuable Content

Your content must be amazing and valuable for it to rank high in search engines. Include videos, images and text that is educational and includes a great deal of information. Both your audience and the search engines will notice.

Page Title Keyword

You must put the keyword that you are focusing on in the title of your webpage. Google robots that scan your website will see this keyword and know that it should be used to rank your content.

Header Keywords

The organization of your content is crucial. It is extremely important to include your keywords in the top paragraph and in titles above each paragraph. Be sure to not overuse these keywords in your overall content.

Image Keywords

You may not realize it but some of your traffic comes from people who are searching for images. Search engines display your images if they have the correct title and keywords in them.

URL Keywords

It is also important to use your focus keyword in the URL of your article post. This will show up to your audience when they are searching for certain products or services.

Internal Linking

Internal linking is another way to increase the rank of your website. Be sure to link to relevant areas on your website that will help explain or clarify information.

External Links

You must have valuable external links coming to your website. This shows the search engines that another website has trust in your content. If a website that links to you is considered valuable in Google’s eyes, it will definitely help your website rank.

Fresh Content

Continue to add valuable and fresh content to your website. It adds relevancy and indicates that your information is up-to-date and worthy of ranking. Include text, videos and infographics.

Don’t Keyword Spam

When you are using keywords in your pages, make the language sound natural. You don’t want to add too many keywords and have the webpage looking spammy. Google’s algorithms can spot this and even penalize you for doing it.

Avoid Paid Links

Google does not like paid links. In fact, your site will get penalized if they find out that you are using paid links. Avoid these or pay the price.

Continue To Build

Search engine optimization will indicate which keywords are being used by users to find your website. Take the top ones and build new pages for those keywords.

Video Sitemap

To get your videos indexed, consider using a video sitemap. This will allow Google’s website robots to find and see how your videos are organized.

Include Social Media

Social content plays a huge factor in people learning about your site. It is now part of search engine optimization factors. Become familiar with social media services and link to your website from them.

Utilize Video Sites

YouTube is not the only video distribution site on the internet. Search engines will also rank videos that come from other video distribution sites. Upload to these other sites for a higher chance of getting those videos ranked.