Top 15 Best SEO Off Page Optimization

Written by: Jason Bayless | October 12, 2015

In a world with intense competition, you need to make sure that both your on-site and off-site SEO techniques are polished and precise. Check out these methods that are help to land more customers and more sales.

1. Visit local forums in the community, and start to advertise there. As the word gets around, you may find that more and more people want your services. They may also post favorable reviews of your company on these forums, so they are acting as marketing tools for you.

2. Don’t just advertise on these forums; actually connect with the individuals on the site. Local forums often allow you to have a business account. That way, you can thank customers for their positive reviews and quickly respond to any issues that may manifest.

3. On top of that, you can also look into advertising on social media pages. You’ve probably seen the ads that come up on the side of your own Facebook account, and you know they’re targeted to you. These ads give you a chance to connect with people who have already expressed an interest in similar services online.

4. Don’t forget to look into local directories of businesses. When consumers want to obtain information for a company, they often look here, and you don’t want to miss your opportunity to advertise to people in this manner.

5. Establish a suitable link-building campaign to ensure that you are receiving traffic in as many ways possible. You can look into some traditional methods of link-building, and you can also develop reciprocal relationships with other companies. For example, offer to put links on your site to their businesses if they are willing to do the same for you.

6. Don’t let social media accounts go to waste. If you have social media pages that have looked the same since you first signed up for them, the time has come to edit. Make them current, and let people know about what is happening with your business right now.

7. Perhaps you’re saying that you don’t even have a social media account. If that is the case, you need to get started. Beginning on Facebook and Twitter is a good idea since so many people use these sources. You can begin to expand into other areas later. Get comfortable with the techniques first.

8. Make sure that people can actually see what you have to offer. Posting videos on YouTube is an excellent way to give people a more comprehensive experience of your products and services.

9. Ensure that when people see the information for your website, they also can easily get directions. This technique is especially important for local businesses. Individuals may already be out, and as long as they can find directions with ease, they will be on their way to your business.

10. Check out websites that allow you to share photos because that is another way individuals can receive visual information.

11. Make sure that search engines have the information for your website. You don’t always want to wait for the process to just happen organically; instead, you need to take the first step to establish this connection now.

12. Chances are, you’ve probably gone to review sites before you have purchased a product or a service, so give your customers the same benefit.

13. You also want to make sure you get the word out in a variety of media. Press releases are another way to show people information about your company in a different manner.

14. Check out places where people are posting questions that your company can answer. Doing so gives you the chance to be helpful and to generate business to your site.

15. Ensure that your off-site properties also use SEO methods that are connected to the platform; doing so helps to ensure the highest levels of success.

When you implement these off-site strategies, you can have your strongest website yet.