Tips to Troubleshoot Your Technical SEO

Written by: Jason Bayless | January 22, 2018

SEO allows you to boost the image of your brand and improve your popularity with consumers. If you rank first, you will have more clicks on your pages. Remember, Google is the strict intermediary between you and your clients. And seriously, who wouldn’t want a site ranked first in the search results?

Nowadays, SEO is a reality and a growing need for a lot of companies. Do you think organic SEO is not important? To provide an example of how to help your SEO, if you have a restaurant you should post your web address on your menu, your placemats, your delivery vehicle, etc.

On the other hand, millions of companies today are strictly and permanently becoming dependent on Google Adwords, as the only way for them to be seen and make sales. However, if you use SEO, a user is more likely to add you to their bookmark, type the address themselves or be referred by an external site, and then you can hope to keep them there on your site for longer. You may wonder: “How do I find an SEO niche,” “What should I look for” and “Where should I look?”

What you need to make sure you understand, is that creating keyword-based content brings a lot of search volume. Ask yourself, “What keywords do people use to find my site without knowing my brand name or product?” The Internet is full of good references to guide you.

Yet, only a few small business owners have invested in SEO. To provide an example: the main title of your page, the H1, must be unique and personalized for each page and must describe the content it introduces. This is a fundamental step that you must do to be able to benefit from SEO.

SEO is essential for all professionals who want to provide good visibility for their site and thus increase their notoriety. Good SEO should, therefore, meet your needs, your expectations, and your level. SEO will optimize your site, improve your organic SEO, your organic traffic, and your ability to be first in the search results. To provide an example, it’s been years since I started sites in diverse and varied sectors to make me recurrent money.

Integrating visual content into your pages will encourage your visitors to be more interested in your message and will also allow you to be favored by search engines. Inserting keywords in these locations allows you to indicate at the same time that your content is consistent and may allow your images to appear in Google Images. Therefore, you should insert your keywords into the images.

Some examples of points covered by SEO: optimization of editorial content (what words Google will be happy to find in your texts), semantic markup, construction and optimization of meta titles and meta descriptions, ways to improve the performance of your site and your pages, etc. Also, you should have a total mastery of the backlinks created.

Each new page must start from scratch and we must adapt our knowledge to the field concerned, with its history. Therefore a preliminary phase before starting any optimization work is that of the choice of keywords. It’s all well and good to have a nice website site full of effects that you’ve paid a small fortune for, but what’s the point if no one is finding it on Google?

In this way, you should have about two or three groups of words and then select the ones with the greatest potential. These keywords should, therefore, be evaluated before any action, to ensure that you are happy with the keywords used and also to help you implement your SEO learning.