Tips for Getting Affordable SEO Services

Written by: Jason Bayless | August 21, 2017

According to Net Market Share 2016, Google carries over three-quarters of the searches that happen online. SEO ranking productivity ranges between 80% and 82%. This tells you there are endless opportunities for businesses to make it online.
In this post, we shall refer to Google, Bing, and Yahoo because Net Market Share has ranked them as position one to four in search engines rating for 2017.

SEO ranking is a very cost effective way of marketing. This is how it works.

First, find out companies that offer Search Engine Optimization services and check out their work. Most of them indicate their clients’ websites for reference. Consider visiting these websites to gauge how good they are; from navigation point of view, how appealing they are to the customer, how the colors, images, and content are spread. This will help you rate the company’s experience.

Secondly, check on their staff capacity. Do they have developers, designers, marketing executives, and sufficient personnel in general? All these are important points for you to note. Optimization is not a one-day activity; sometimes it may take weeks, or even last months. You need to be sure that by the time the whole process is done. You no longer need to introduce yourself.

Another thing you need to do is to have a list of your business requirements. Being clear on the necessities to be addressed gives your provider an easier time in meeting your need. You also need to determine your budget as this is a lifetime investment.

Your greatest investment in this process is ‘people.’
These Are The People You Need:

Facebook alone produces over 61% of the website visits. This is according to the statistics done by Merkle in 2016. There’s a high chance that that percentage has grown. When you invest in a professional who can sustain communication and freshness on your page, you are boosting the traffic to your post by over 50%.
Having personnel that does all the editing and addition of content will accelerate your speed to the top of the rank. An average first page on Google averages 1900 words. You need this person to be good with words. The content must be top-notch.
I would suggest you get a close member of your team. Train them and mandate them to work on all the posts. It will be both affordable and safe since you can review their work and you can also bargain for a suitable package for both of you.

Developing is the most crucial part of the journey. Most developers charge handsomely for their expertise. What will help lower the cost is to find a developer who can do both design and code implementation. They will first do the programming part of it; that is the background applications that support the running and navigation of your page. Then, when they are done, they will work on the design. This is the layout, all those colors, and images.
When you are allocating the budget, this is the person who will carry the biggest piece of the pie.

Before you dismiss this role, remember this whole process is about exposing you to the world. We are essentially exploiting the internet to reach the global market. A marketer may look like an extravagant personnel but if look at this role critically. These are our eyes; they see opportunities and advice us where to pitch our ‘tents.’
Chances of getting a good marketer who can own your products and market them with 110% passion are slim so, pursue until you get one because here is your ticket to success.

In conclusion:
There are several companies out there providing the services mentioned above; they charge you for hosting and maintaining your website. However, they are more expensive compared to building your own team. Do your research and rate the success rate.