The Top SEO Trends To Keep An Eye On In 2017

Written by: Jason Bayless | April 14, 2017

Every year, there are changes that happen that impact the SEO industry. Over the last year, there were multiple trends that changed the way SEO is done. Some of the popular new trends in SEO include improving the user experience and mobile friendliness. Heading into 2017, there is another shift in SEO approaching. Here is a look at the top SEO trends to keep an eye on in 2017.


Improving web security is an important issue regarding SEO. Google’s “”NoHacked”” campaign helped webmasters counter popular hacks on the web. In 2016, hacking was not as big of an issue, which have led to a regression in the efforts to solve the existing hacks. In 2017, web security will once again become a primary topic, especially in regards to security and HTTP websites. Google Chrome will mark HTTP sites that use credit card fields and password fields as insecure. Users are considered at risk when visiting HTTP sites. Webmasters are being asked to consider switching to HTTPS.

Machine Learning

Google’s machine learning AI RankBrain is emerging as an industry defining change. RankBrain looks at all of the clicks and impressions to analyze them and adapt its algorithms in a timely manner. Those following traditional SEO methods are likely to be left behind. RankBrain will continue to evolve, but as long as your site is helping the user, things should be fine.

Voice Search

Voice search continues to grow in popularity, as it is a good fit for the on the go lifestyle that many people have. People like to use voice search whenever they are busy. Search engines must use double the amount of energy in order to meet each query. Voice search queries are known for being nontraditional compared to Google, more conversational in nature, and composed of sentences that ask what the user wants to know. Your site should place an emphasis on developing relevant, helpful content.

Site Speed

Site speed is important. Many webmasters overlook site speed in order to focus on the appearance of the site of the user experience. Making sure that your page loads swiftly should be a top priority. If you focus on speed, the users are likely to keep visiting your page.

Going Mobile

Mobile is likely to make a push in the new year. Google is building the foundation for a mobile first world. Companies have to stay mobile friendly or risk falling behind the competition. Google’s plan to commit to the mobile first world is an important step in establishing mobile as the future of SEO.

Digital Assistants and Local Search

Digital assistants such as Siri and Google Home are in demand at the moment. They provide a level of convenience to users on the local search level. Multiple local SEO strategies centered around digital assistants may establish themselves within the new year. Fill out your Google My Business page. Eventually, you can develop a strategy that will improve your key landing pages. There could also be more SERPs Experiments in 2017.


Rich snippets help users find the answers to their questions without them having to click on anything. Google is inventing new snippets, so webmasters will have to double their efforts to make sure that they are putting data on the right pages.


Links are still important, however, the focus is starting to shift. The algorithms now focus on the meaning behind each search query. Keywords are starting to lose their importance, as the intent of the search is now seen as more important. “