The Best SEO Shows

Written by: Jason Bayless | January 13, 2016

While there is a plethora of information and techniques available online about SEO optimization, attending live SEO shows and conferences are one of the best ways to learn about breaking industry trends, cutting-edge technology and proven SEO techniques. Even better, the SEO shows provide valuable networking opportunities for attendees. Below introduces six of the most recognized SEO shows in the world.

The Search Marketing Expo
The Search Marketing Expo, or SMX, is considered to be the world’s biggest search marketing event. This international expo takes place in Europe, North America and even the Middle East. The ultimate goal of the conference is to discuss the latest digital marketing trends and techniques. All conference content is focused on obtaining objective results through proven techniques. SMX conferences are hosted by well-recognized industry experts who use their practical knowledge and experience to educate and raise awareness of critical issues. The SMX conference typically lasts three days and provides attendees with key SEO and SEM workshops to help them improve their search marketing efforts.

MozCon is touted as an atypical marketing conference that is well-noted for providing dynamic content and talented speakers. In fact, the keynote speakers come from a variety of different companies, from Google to newly successful small digital agencies. The conference lasts three days and covers every important topic, from content marketing to brand development to data analytics. For example, typical seminars teach attendees how to match marketing goals with brand identify, how to create a content strategy and how to improve content tracking analytics.

Pubcon is the premier social media conference that features informative exhibits, exciting speakers and representatives from leading businesses. The most recognized computer and technology companies attend, such as Intel, Zappos, Google and Microsoft. The conference features dynamic events, such as multi-speaker sessions, inspirational talks, site reviews and peer-to-peer discussions. Workshop train attendees about paid searches, traffic optimization, landing page conversions and social media campaigns. Pubcon is an international conference hosted every year in Las Vegas, Nevada.

The SearchLove conference is a two-day event that covers topics such search analytics, website optimization and paid promotions. The international conference typically takes place in major cities, such as London and Boston. Major companies send delegations to the conference, including Adobe, Google and even Ikea. Sample conference topics include PR techniques, email marketing and the new concept of emotional targeting. Past attendees note that the official party, VIP dinner and networking events are very beneficial for building rapport and making lifelong industry contacts.

SES Expo and Conference
SES is considered to be the original, global search marketing conference. The event takes place in international cities, such as Jakarta, Hong Kong and San Francisco. However, the event content contains standardized topics, such as creative content tips, ecommerce techniques and performance and next generation marketing. Notable past industry attendees include HP, PayPal, Lenovo and Dell Computers. Attendees note that the conference shares strategic tactics and best practices for social marketing.

Content Marketing World
This conference focuses entirely on content marketing. Every year, the conference takes place in Cleveland, Ohio and features over 100 keynote speakers that provide over 150 sessions to attendees. Notable businesses that attend include IBM, Cisco, LinkedIn and Blackberry. For example, sample session topics include money-ball marketing, measuring SEO and content automation. The conferences is notable for being casual and enjoyable, often featuring well-known music bands and interactive parties.

In the end, there are exciting SEO conferences that provide attendees with important skills, practical knowledge and insightful strategies for improving SEO effectiveness. These are also enjoyable networking opportunities for attendees. These include Pubcon, Mozcon, Searchlove and the Search Marketing Expo.