The 2016 Search Engine Landy Awards finalists

Written by: Jason Bayless | October 26, 2016
With almost 200 entries in the second annual Landy Awards, which Search Engine Land hosts, we saw a lot of incredible competition this year and efforts from across the globe. It is exciting to see the short list of finalists and recognize the excellent results. The creators of the Landy Awards first started it because they wanted to recognize those who did excellent work related to search marketing. The 2016 Search Engine Landy Awards will be celebrated on September 28th at the Awards Gala of New York City. It takes place during the annual SMX conference, and all the conference attendees have been invited to join their search engine peers for a cocktail reception and to celebrate.

The collection achievements will take place at the fashionable Edison Ballroom, and you will enjoy a wide selection of live entertainment and gourmet that explodes on your pallet. This celebration will take place after the award ceremony, and the tickets for the Search Engine Landy Awards can be bought online or in conjunction with the SMX conference passes.

When it came to the “Best Local Search Marketing Initiative—SEM,” you have brilliant companies like Brainlabs, C-4 Analytics and Edelman that were all given finalist roles in this award ceremony. In terms of the “Best Local Search Marketing Initivative—SEO,” you have, DAGMAR Marketing, GuideWell Connect and iProspect Canada. Along with a host of talented finalists that have made their way through the contest unscathed, there is a panel of judges that evaluates the entries. Some of the sponsors of this event are big corporations like:

  • Google
  • Stone Temple Consulting
  • Catalyst

The sponsors have made invaluable contributions for helping this award’s program, and it will be interesting to see the winners of the search industry. Noble Studios has even been named in the list of finalists for the 2016 Search Engine Landy Awards. Not only does this award ceremony recognize big marketing teams, but they also pay attention to individuals, agencies and internal marketing teams. These are all people who have demonstrated an astounding level of excellence through paid and organic search marketing initiative.

Noble Studios works in the “Best Overall SEO Initiative,” and that means that they work with small businesses. The finalists of all these categories are said to represent the finest agencies and consulting teams in the world, and they will improve websites through the on-page content and technical elements. Some of the past Search Engine Landy Awards finalists included:

  • Piston Agency
  • Go Fish Digital
  • Chevrolet Performance
  • iProspect

Danny Sullivan, the founding editor and chief for the awards, said that he has spent 20 years in the search journalist field. He is well-versed in the search algorithms of Google. In an interview, what took Sullivan back this year is how much growth in the mobile field we have seen. Few people could have guessed that they would one day have 24/7 access to the internet even while on the go via smartphone.

When the interviewer asked Danny what he thought was the most important thing that marketers needed to know about search engine marketing, he replied that he thought it had to do with how Google ranks pages. Even Google’s own engineers do not completely understand it, so deconstructing it will be next to impossible.

SMX has expanded to a global audience, but when the interviewer asked Sullivan about the major changes or new shows, he said that no big changes were in the works. They want to continue focusing on what works rather than spread themselves too thin. This year’s Landy Awards blew Sullivan away. He did not expect more than 200 entries, and they were thrilled that there were many great entries into this competition. The 2016 Search Engine Landy Awards also have more categories than last year, and SMX has promised their best show ever.