Technical SEO Website Audit for Small Businesses

Written by: Jason Bayless | April 25, 2018

“When it comes to a technical SEO website audit for a small business, there are a few aspects you need to be aware of. As a webmaster, you do not always have the time or the internal resources to set up a professional SEO strategy on your own. Therefore, you may wish to hire a professional SEO consultant to help you implement your SEO strategy.

The first step to implementing an SEO strategy is to perform a website audit to determine if your website is correctly set up to work well with the best practices of SEO. As an illustration: While it happens to be vital that you incorporate critical phrases related to your local area, you can not only place essential sentences of one’s material as well as anticipate that you will observe beneficial regional results in google. Also, you should use the news and purely limited considerations to create minor publications that captivate the interest of local people.

Remember, your priority should not only be the amount that goes out of your pockets but the balance between the expenses and the possible outcomes. On the other hand, since the rules of the game have been strengthened, strategies such as link baiting are no longer sufficient. Therefore, we must be vigilant with the techniques we use, which have changed significantly since the beginning of the web.

In many cases, I feel that we miss the primary interest of the subject of an SEO strategy, which should be, in any case, to make SEO an ally of content marketing. Another thing we should consider is the design of a site. And, when it comes to design, we are talking here about ergonomics and not subjective criteria of aesthetics; in other words, a functional diagram that provides a good user experience.

Some simple work of “SEO compliance” may be enough (and sometimes even without producing new content) to substantially raise a site in the SERP (Search Engine Results Page). As an illustration, there are still some time-tested methods that you can nevertheless use, in moderation: Guest articles or guest blogging, where you contact bloggers by offering to write an article on their site, in exchange for a backlink. As another illustration of how to use an SEO strategy: If you wish to achieve your local SEO goals, your content should focus as much as possible on the region in which you are located, and there are a few ways to do this.

Among other things, you’ll also find there are ways to evaluate the reputation, strength, or trustworthiness of a site and these methods offer an exciting alternative to PageRank. Also, if you have an article published on a popular website, and that page has a lot of traffic, then you have won the jackpot. Remember, the more popular a site is, the more the links it makes to other websites bring popularity.

Also, an SEO audit is a mandatory step when you want to improve the SEO of a site. Indeed, it is useless and irrelevant for Google to display two pages with identical content in its results since this is redundant for internet users. As a keystone of any strategy of building links, a natural link profile is fundamentally based on a sound distribution of links.

You should, therefore, aim mostly at pages related to the theme of your homepage. On the other hand, you should also not say ” no” to a good link on a page that is slightly related to your website because you can often find sites that cover a lot of subjects.”