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Written by: Jason Bayless | September 01, 2017

“Given the rise of e-commerce platforms, some establishments may tend to abandon local SEO and focus solely on online platforms. Nevertheless, today still more than 9 out of 10 sales are carried out physically, in a store. In view of this data it would therefore be suicidal to leave the local SEO, which responds to specific characteristics in terms of referencing. The rise of local SEO is something that cannot be ignored.

Are you one of the many who have questions about local SEO? If so then maybe the following info will help. The following article is a small publication created to guide you in your registration on Google My Business and on other directories.

A majority of people search for local businesses on the web before calling on their services, another good reason to be visible. Also, approximately 9 out of 10 of Google searches stop on the first page, therefore you’d better be on the first page if you want a user to use your services. The web is vast and mysterious, but the algorithms that decide the SEO of sites are even more so.

So, just how can one take better advantage of local SEO? Beyond offering users a detailed description of your business, having a Google My Business page takes on an even larger importance with the advent of voice assistants such as Google Home, SIRI, or Amazon Echo. Therefore, the new trends in local SEO require establishments to pay close attention to their Google My Business pages.

In fact, when a request is made via one of the aforementioned wizards, if your My Business page is not correctly updated, the user in search of information could be redirected to a competitor who would have paid better attention to their Google My Business page. Therefore make sure you have updated the address of your store, the schedules of your pizza delivery business or the URL that leads to the website of your company. If your business has more than a few addresses, Google recommends adding information via spreadsheets.

Today we see that it is not enough for companies to be present on Google. It is also necessary for businesses to place their company pages on Apple, Bing, Yahoo, Waze, Tomtom as well as local directories like Yelp. Facebook also wants its share of the local SEO market. It has therefore developed an application called “”Services,”” which refers to the pages of local companies present on Facebook.

You may wonder, “How do I manage my Google My Business pages?” You may wish to manage it yourself. On the other hand, there are services which will help you to manage this page in a semi-automated way.

But, in reality, what is local SEO? First of all, localized queries are more than a quarter of all Google searches. Local SEO, simply stated, is a set of techniques and actions that aim to improve your position in the search engines for localized query searches. First of all, it is important to understand that it is not necessary to have a website to be referenced. A Yellow Pages entry or a Google My Business page also allows you to be present on the web and show up on the first page of search results.

In other words, if people are searching for “”PC Repair”” and are located in the New York area, the search engines will automatically show them pages with the word “”PC Repair”” in the New York area. Even more interesting, having a Yellow Pages entry or a Google My Business page allows you to be geolocated. The more you are enrolled in different directories the better your SEO results will be.”