Strenghtening your social media presence

Written by: Jason Bayless | February 14, 2018

Engaging others via social media has become part of the lives of most of us as we post personal updates about what’s going on throughout the day to stay connected with family and friends. Businesses do the same thing in order to communicate with their customers. And while everybody likes positive social media feedback, it came be difficult to keep up with your online profile across the countless platforms that exist.

This poses an even greater challenge for businesses, who understand that a strong social media presence can help them grow and thrive in a world that is full of noise. There are steps you can take to enhance your social media presence, according to marketers. Some of them are pretty basic, like responding to online comments (positive or negative) in a timely manner as well as posting in a consistent and relevant manner.

Here are some other tips on how you can make your brand stand out by using social media:

1. Your posts should also capture your followers attention and hold it. That means they should be written in a way that draws readers in. Write in a conversational tone and be sure to answer any questions that they may have. Don’t be afraid to let your personality come through your posts, either. Be funny and authentic.

2. Bond with your readers on an emotional level by entertaining them with your posts. The majority of people who are on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube are looking to be entertained, so put on a show for them and they’ll come back for more. Share inspirational content as well.

3. Tell your business story. We can all rattle off the names of books that have impacted us. Story telling on social media does the same thing. Businesses should explain to their followers exactly what makes them unique and why.

4. Remember that conversation is a two-way street. Social media is all about engagement and businesses looking to increase the reach of their online presence should not only ask their followers what they want, they should listen carefully to those responses and act upon them. Don’t be afraid to try out online quizzes, voting and other contests.

5. Be visual. Infographics, graphs, GIFS and screen shots attract the attention of those who are browsing social media and can draw them to your business.

6. Don’t be afraid of using live video. Facebook Live and Periscope are free and are a great way to engage with customers via social media.

7. The most important rule of marketing is giving your audience what they want and need. When you engage via any social media platform, be sure you understand what is driving your customer base and keep your posts relevant to what they are looking for.

By developing content that is engaging, you will not only have the ability to capture the attention of your customers and potential customers, you’ll be growing your business as well.