Seven SEO trends to watch in 2018

Written by: Jason Bayless | December 08, 2017

Given the fact that the Web is a living environment, constantly moving, any action on your site necessarily leads to a reaction in this environment. Therefore, if you use SEO, the result for your competitors will be less traffic for them and more traffic for you. Good SEO allows you to generate traffic on a site by giving it visibility.

Indeed, optimization allows you, as mentioned above, to find customers. Indeed, the optimized SEO of a company, or an e-shop, is essential to conquering new markets. One of the strong beliefs at the beginning of the internet was that one could become rich on the net without doing anything.

However, this is far from true. Therefore, no I will not give you everything on a platter, but yes I will give you all the ingredients for the recipe for success. Remember also that the initial optimization of a site will have an impact on its references, and its positioning in the long run.

That is because it is easier to position a site “”yesterday”” than “”tomorrow”” since optimization generates more organic SEO, which generates organic traffic, which in turn generates positioning, which in turn generates SEO. Plus a keyword will have acquired organic traffic by the occupied position. Google will then look for circumstances to list the site question, through complementary, related results.

First and foremost, SEO directly influences the organic traffic of your site. Therefore, once you decide you want to use SEO, you can then employ any one of these 7 recommended SEO trends for 2018 to increase traffic to your site.

1. It’s very important to repeat the address of your website frequently, as often as you can.

2. Think of designing a nice and relevant site for your visitor, which brings a real benefit, rather than trying to create a site for an indexing robot. By creating useful articles, which contain three elements (backlinks, value and keyword traffic potential), you may increase organic traffic. This is also a way to provide assurance that you will be able to keep a SERP place for a long time that many envy and would be ready to do anything to occupy.

3. Avoid copying texts from another site or publishing images or videos that do not belong to you because you may be heavily penalized by Google. Also, each image has a title and a tag that allows robots to understand what your images represent.

4. A fundamental step in the life of a site in terms of SEO is the performance of an audit.

5. Establish a list of keywords. To boost your SEO strategy, it is necessary to have defined the keywords on which you want to position yourself to attract new visitors. Each page must, therefore, focus only on comprising between 3 to 7 keywords including the main keyword of the subject of the page.

6. Produce more content. In a context where you have already optimized your site, already built it to get results, make sure you keep up the momentum. Therefore, keep it alive, produce more content and build the importance of your site for a niche. Users will then be directed to these pages and this will indicate to robots that these pages are essential.

7. Use Adwords. Yes, this is an answer…and one that finally allowed many sites to get results. Also, to choose your Adwords keywords, do not hesitate to use several tools offered by Google, such as the Adwords suggestion tool. Remember, Adwords are sponsored links that point to your pages and appear when a keyword or key phrase is filled in by the user.