Seven Online Marketing Strategies For Small Businesses Owners

Written by: Jason Bayless | June 07, 2017

Online marketing is important, but many business owners aren’t aware of how to effectively market their business online. Here are seven online marketing strategies that can be highly effective:

1. Use Social Media Marketing Strategies:

Make sure that you create a page for your business on social media. This page should frequently have new content posted. It’s also important to include images on your business’ social media page that will be appealing to potential customers.

It’s also a good idea to advertise your social media page. Facebook and many other social media sites let you create banner ads to promote your business’ social media page.

2. Use Pay Per Click Ads:

With pay per click ads, you only pay for results. The only time you’ll pay ever pay a cent is when someone clicks on the ad.

There are two main types of pay per click ads that can be highly effective. Some appear above the search results. This can bring a tremendous amount of traffic to your website. Others appear on the sides of web pages as banner ads. In some cases, these banner ads may appear on the side of high traffic websites.

3. Use Search Engine Optimization Strategies:

There are some things that you can do on your own to improve your search rankings, but it is often a good idea to seek assistance from SEO experts. Money that you invest in improving your search rankings often pays off very well.

4. Quality Content:

It’s important that the content on your website is well written. Some basic tips include ensuring that your content is grammatically correct, avoiding extraneous words, and writing in an engaging tone. Furthermore, you should make good use of images and videos.

5. Use Email Marketing:

Email marketing can be highly effective if the messages contained in the emails are well-written and engaging to potential customers. You don’t have to send out the emails individually. There are tools that you can use to automatically send out emails to a large number of potential customers.

However, it is essential that you only send emails to people who have subscribed to your email list. If you send out emails to people who haven’t subscribed, the emails could be considered to be spam.

6. Use Automated Replies:

Whenever a customer buys one of your products, it is a good idea to send them a follow-up message. There are automated tools that can send out a well written and engaging message to all customers who have just bought a product from you online.

7. Make Your Website Mobile Friendly:

As much as 50% of all internet traffic comes from mobile devices. In order to make your website mobile friendly, it is essential that your website is designed to fully appear on the small screens of mobile devices. It also is important that any videos that you have on your site are designed to play on mobile devices. While you can have a single version of your website that is mobile friendly, it’s also possible to have two versions of your site. One can be mobile friendly, and the other one can be designed for non-mobile devices.”