SEO Tutorial and Tips

Written by: Jason Bayless | October 16, 2017

Search Engine Optimization is a mode by which clients all over the world are enabled to find you easily as they search the internet.

What is Search Engine Optimization?
Let’s start with Optimization; this is enhancing your entity’s visibility by modifying the content of your page to match the data that is mostly searched for online. By doing this, you are boosting your posts to maximize chances of content ranking.

What is a search engine?
Search engines are generally systems that assist users globally to find solutions on the World Wide Web. Most probably you found this article using Google or yahoo.

How will Search Engine Optimization affect my business?
Imagine your business as a political position. Every other business is looking for the same position and so there’s campaigning and lobbying in search of votes. Imagine the people you need to put in place and the speeches that need to be prepared. Visualize the outcome of you being at the top. How exciting?
Imagine the opportunities that will open up. This is what SEO will do for you and your business. It will give you a cut above the rest, effectively being the voice that you need to reach your customer. It will bring customers all over the world closer to you.

How then do I make my page ‘SEARCHABLE’?
It takes experience and lots of practice to have your website gain ranking. It’s not as impossible as it looks at first but you need to deliberate on it if you want to make it in business today. Google is looking for top-notch writers who can give their clients reason to come back. You are their customer but also their link to other customers.

Here are a few tips of SEO ranking.

1. Always use a catchy title:
Do not make it too lengthy; about six words will do. Long titles make it harder for search engines use your title to determine how to place it. Summarizing it will make it easier to find.

2. Perfect your content:
No need to emphasize on this. Search engines like Google are full of witty and catchy content. You will need to do more than write for your content to rank.

3. Invest lots of time in staying up to date:
Links and references are constantly changing. There are no chances of maintaining old links that do not work on your page. You need to check them regularly and update accordingly.

4. Avoid excess usage of keywords:
Since keywords are very effective; there’s a temptation to over-utilize them. Do not flood your page with repetition. Keywords best fit on the title, the conclusion and maybe once or twice on the body. Even if you use them often, spread them evenly throughout the content.

5. Align your subject:
When you choose a topic, first come up with a table of contents. This will guide you on what to write so that you do not end up with mixed content that does not qualify for ranking. I understand it’s very easy to get derailed especially because as you research, there’s a lot of information to sieve from. Keep checking for flow to avoid combining un-related topics on one post.

6. Appeal to your reader:
Remember, we are positively manipulating our content to improve our visibility to our market. Our reader should have a reason to choose us over the post below. We must entice them; charm them into clicking on our link. This is why we advise use of images as they appeal more than text.

7. Submit your URL & MAP to the search engine:
Your web designer should be able to create links that automatically pop-up during search. Although it sounds technical, it’s very easy to add your URL to Search Engines like Google and to make it even better, it’s free of charge.

I am certain that there’s more to learn on this topic. Add your tips on the comments section below.