SEO Tips for Small Business Owner’s

Written by: Jason Bayless | August 14, 2017

With a good web design and implementation of SEO, your business can thrive on the web. To ensure that your search engine optimization techniques are up to date, consider a strategy that places emphasis on continued development. Here are some tips and ideas that you can incorporate into your SEO plan.

Utilize Google My Business

Google has a free tool for small businesses that is known as Google My Business. This free tool allows you to set up a business profile of your brick-and-mortar establishment. In the profile, you can list your address, phone number, operating hours and other information such as reservations and your website. It’s a great way for potential customers to see your shop, products and services before they pay you a visit. Be sure to take advantage of the photos area. Include high-quality visuals that stimulate the emotions of your prospective buyers. In addition, make sure that you respond to all reviews, negative and positive. This allows you to engage with your customers and shows them that you are taking responsibility for your business and doing your best to satisfy their needs.

Go Mobile-Friendly

With the huge influx of mobile phone use, web designers have had to change how they display website information in browsers. They now use what is called “”responsive design”” to ratchet down the size of website data so that it shows up correctly on small devices. This type of design also allows a website to correctly appear on tablet and desktop computers. Be sure to have your website coded with this type of design so that all end-users have a good a good experience. Also, consider using a hosting service that has dedicated servers. It may cost slightly more than shared hosting, but dedicated servers offer a quicker response time and ensure that your data pops up quickly when an end-user is searching for information. In the long run, a dedicated server will pay for itself as Google penalizes websites that have slow rendering speeds. Your listings have a better chance at beating the competition by incorporating these two tips.

Avoid False Promises

The only way to ensure that you get a number one listing on Google is my utilizing PPC ads. These can be a wonderful tool when combined with search engine optimization, but SEO is the foundation of your keyword strategy. It is best to avoid selling gimmicks from SEO shops who promise a plethora of number one listings. It takes time and patience to build an online presence with search engine optimization. You may be able to quickly conquer noncompetitive keywords, but it will be quite difficult to rank for keywords that a competitor has dominated for years.

Create Blog Content

Creating a blog is an excellent way for you to interact with customers. You can display video reviews, infographs or stories relating to how your products or services continue to solve problems for customers. You have probably heard the phrase that content is king on the internet, and it’s true. Google will index your blog content, which allows more information about your company to spread. This increases the chances for you to get noticed by potential customers. Build your audience by incorporating a blog into your website.

Link Building

External Link building is still an important part of search engine optimization. While it’s weight in the algorithm has slightly dropped, it is still recommended that you secure quality links from other trusted websites. At the same time, you’ll want to monitor all of your backlinks to see who is connecting to your website. If any links are coming from spam sites, you should disavow them as soon as possible so that your site does not get penalized. Unfortunately, this tactic has become a problem with competitors who use it to bring down rivals like you.