SEO Tips For Beginners

Written by: Jason Bayless | May 03, 2017

SEO is an acronym for Search Engine Optimization. It refers to the process that takes place when a user enters keywords into search engines, such as Google or Bing, in an effort to find websites that contain their search criteria. Understanding the basics of SEO is a key component of a successful website, but it need not be a complicated endeavor.

Here are 5 simple tips to help ensure that your website ranks at the top:

1. Utilize Pertinent Keywords

Keywords are the core of your website. Consider the search criteria a user will input that will encourage your website to rank at the top of their search. This is the most salient way to drive traffic to your website rather than to your competitor’s. Carefully contemplate the most relevant keywords, or enlist the help of online resources such as Google’s Keyword Planner.

2. Craft Concise Titles

Every author understands the value of creating a catchy title in order to hook a reader, but SEO optimization requires that authors create short, appealing titles. This is because searches reveal a limited amount of characters that vary in number depending on the search engine. It is important that the reader has access to the full title, so being sure to keep it relatively brief will increase the likelihood that your title will catch the reader’s eye.

3. Limit H1 Tags

One of the most critical elements of your website, in relation to SEO optimization, is the H1 tag. The H1, or header 1 tag, is usually the largest text – the one that stands out to the reader and captures their attention (typically the title). A page with only one H1 will be prioritized while adding more than one will complicate a search, so it is best to stick with a single H1. Make sure that this includes pertinent keywords so that your website appears within relevant searches. H2, H3, H4, etc. headings may be used for subheads and section heads.

4. Employ Reputable Backlinks

While backlinks suffer from a poor reputation of overuse and careless exploitation, they do have their proper place with respect to effective SEO optimization. The key is knowing which backlinks to use and which to lose. A backlink is defined as “an incoming hyperlink from one webpage to another website”. The quickest way to lose favor with Google is to accept payment from shady companies that link your website back to theirs. Because these backlinks are associated with spam, this type of backlinking can damage your ranking.

While numerous backlinks can backfire, some backlinks will actually improve your SEO optimization. These include backlinks that connect your readers to sites like yours that provide them with actual value. In this way, networking with other reputable, relevant sites improves a reader’s experience while increasing SEO ranking.

5. Be True to Your Roots

Finally, do not lose sight of why you originally began your website. If your intention is to offer a genuine benefit to your readers, stay true to that solid foundation and patiently allow time to grow your platform. Do not underestimate the intelligence of your readers. They will know when you are authentic, and sincerity will keep them coming back. Features like SEO optimization are important and necessary aspects of building and maintaining an effective online presence, but faithful readership will come with tenacity and honorable practices. Remembering your roots is the essential component to experiencing growth.

Search Engine Optimization is a required detail of a successful website, but it is not an inherently difficult pursuit. Following these 5 simple tips is a sure way to boost your rankings in the world of search engine prioritization.