SEO Tips and Tricks for Content Marketing

Written by: Jason Bayless | November 23, 2016
SEO and Content Marketing go hand in hand. Through using Content Marketing, we promote blogs, articles, web pages and more to sell our products, draw in customers, and make stronger connections. Content Marketing allows us to utilize stories, studies, and interesting topics to bring people to our websites to become loyal customers. But what Content Marketing can also accomplish is in giving us an area to implement our SEO strategy.

If you are looking to improve your Content Marketing and SEO strategy by pairing each plan together, here are a few tips and tactics to consider:
1. Consider Content When Determining Keywords

All too often, individuals feel that they can stuff a keyword into any topic, whether or not it truly fits. But the purpose of content marketing isn’t to fill your website with pages and pages of keyword-riddled posts but rather to create readable, sharable, interesting posts that people will enjoy reading. This often means considering your content and how it relates to your keywords.

Find a keyword that applies to your idea for content without being too diluted with competitors. While the right keyword is a huge part of an SEO strategy, other SEO components are just as important – including links, shares, and reads. If your keywords are struggling to fit, do your best to create a piece that will make a statement with readers.
2. Focus on Link Building

Marketing through content means using your posts to prove you have something worth discussing and that you are a leader in your industry. To further prove this point and get more attention for your posts, you will need credible links to each of your posts from other credible sources. You will also need to include a web of credible links in each of your posts from studies or organizations that support your claims.

But links are also crucial for an SEO strategy. When Google considers which posts to put towards the top of a list of results, it will look at the number of links created to that page. With each individual that links to the post, Google views this as a stamp of approval. The more stamps of approvals – or links – you can get, the more Google will assume you have an article worth reading and push you closer to the top of the list.
3. Update Your Old Posts

If your SEO strategy changes, you don’t want your old posts simply sitting there taking up space on your site but you also don’t want to just delete the page on the chance that it would create a broken link somewhere. Instead, look for ways you can update the post to be more relevant or compatible with your SEO strategy.

Updating old posts can also contribute to your Content Marketing strategy by keeping all your links active and pushing people to your website. By linking to new content in these updates, you can let readers know that there may be a more relevant article or blog post on the same topic that they should read instead. This allows visitors to move through your website more easily and find content that may interest them.

In many ways, your SEO strategy and your Content Marketing strategy will work hand in hand. On the one side, your SEO will enhance your content to be read by more individuals while the content you create gives you a pathway to make the most of the Search Engine Optimization strategy that you created. If you want to get the most out of your SEO and Content Marketing, you should look at both strategies as crucial components that need to mesh well together. When they work as a team instead of two separate entities, you will see more success from each. The best way to do so is to begin with link building, keyword, and updating old pieces of content.