SEO Tip: Create Buyer Personas for Better Content

Written by: Jason Bayless | June 06, 2014

Are all your customers exactly the same? Probably not, especially if you’re a B2C business or run an ecommerce website. But even if you’re a B2B company selling to similar customers in the same niche industry, those customers are not all in the same area of the buying funnel at the same time. Some are at the beginning, just learning about your company and what you have to offer, and others are repeat customers that you may not have heard from in a while.

Maybe you’ve created a few landing pages based on different specific customer needs. Creating buyer personas to use as the basis for new content takes that idea a step further, because it considers the different parts of the sales process as well as the different problems your products and services solve. Targeting your content to buyer personas also allows you to use different keywords and search terms you may not have considered before.

To create buyer personas for content creation, you’ll need to get into your customer’s head (so to speak). Here’s how to do that:

  • Read your product reviews or customer testimonials, if you have any, to see what problems your products solved and what the customer likes best about them. Or read reviews of your closest competitor’s products that are similar to yours to find out why the customer chose them. Pay attention to the terms the customers use to describe the problem and the solution.

  • Take surveys, either formal surveys or informal ones after you complete a sale. Find out what was most important about the product or service, how long it took to make a final buying decision, what the customer knew about the product or service before researching it, and what information would have helped make the decision faster or easier. (Try not to make the survey last more than 5 minutes.)

  • Create segments of your customer base. This will form the basis of your personas: different types of customers, different areas of the sales cycle, etc.

  • Craft content that is targeted to each segment, whether it’s the prospect checking out your site for the first time or the one about to make a final decision after careful research.

  • Be sure to create more or less the same amount of content for each buyer persona. And feel free to vary up that content between blog posts, newsletter articles, FAQs, landing pages, white pages — whatever you think would be helpful for different buyer personas.

  • Make an editorial calendar and plan your persona-centered content, especially if your industry is at all seasonal and you have more prospects visiting your site (or more sales closing) at certain times of year than at others. That’s when well-timed blog posts and newsletter articles can come in handy.

By making good use of buyer personas when you write new content, you’ll not only make your website more useful for all kinds of customers, but will also very likely discover a wealth of new search terms to target.