SEO Specialist Expecations vs Reality

Written by: Jason Bayless | October 20, 2017

Looking to hire a SEO specialist to help you build your search campaign? When business owners hire a SEO firm or professional, they have an idea of what to expect moving forward. These expectations are often set by the claims made by the SEO companies or the stories they read about in the industry. Here are a couple of expectations that website owners and the reality they need to face.

The Expectation: The SEO will take care of everything from onpage optimization, content creation and link building. I can just hand over my site as is and the SEO will build out the campaign from there.

Reality: There’s a lot more that goes into SEO than the basics. The SEO needs to see if your website is penalized and work on removing the penalties. The SEO may need to look at the coding of your site to see if it is SEO friendly. The SEO will need to work on many other technical aspects that have an impact on rankings. In some cases, a site redesign will be needed for best results.

The Expectation: The SEO should take on my project and should at least get first page rankings for the keywords I am trying to target within a few months.

Reality: While SEOs often make promises, the cold truth is that they will not always achieve first page rankings in the given amount of time. There’s no telling how much time it’ll take to achieve first page rankings. It really depends on how competitive the keywords are and how much progress you’ve already made. You have to understand that some rankings can take up to a year or more to achieve.

The Expectation: Working with a SEO will mean that I’ll be able to build a revenue stream with my search campaign.

Reality: All SEO can really do is generate traffic. Turning that traffic into sales is a whole different story. You need to apply conversion rate optimization to turn more of the traffic into leads and sales. You also need to learn how to build a relationships with your customers to facilitate a sale. Some markets are harder than others and you really have to understand your customers to make the traffic work.

The Expectation: Once the SEO helps me attain the rankings I want, I can stop working with him and continue getting traffic from the search engines.

Reality: SEO is not an evergreen process. It’s not a set it and forget it marketing strategy. You have to continue creating content and building links to retain your rankings. You also need to use your early successes as stepping stones to scale your search campaign further. Ideally, you want to continue working with a SEO that can deliver if you want to stabilize your search revenue stream. You have to look at SEO no differently than spending money on advertising and getting a return on your investment.

As you can see, SEO is a lot more challenging that most people think. It’s a long term strategy that you have to invest a lot of time and money into if you want to see great results. Hopefully, you now understand the reality of what it takes to work with a SEO specialist and can go into the campaign with a good head on your shoulders.”