SEO Site Audits Guide

Written by: Jason Bayless | April 23, 2018

“Here are some aspects you need to consider when doing an SEO audit. First of all, do not be too ad-focused when working on your SEO because you risk driving people away. Also, I should remind you that when it comes to the impact of your links, you should try not to think about them too much because their impact is sometimes distorted. However, your links are an excellent base to start your analysis.

However, sticking to a single use of SEO is very restrictive. In the Googlian logic, a relevant site will naturally receive backlinks, so if we take the problem in reverse, a strongly linked site will be deemed to be of interest. You should also be responsive at least. On the other hand, it is even better to anticipate your competitors and make the right moves before they do.

Remember, a link transfers a little Google cachet of the site on which it is put, and that is good for your SEO strategy. But in addition to these things, you’ll need a robust local content marketing strategy (like any SEO campaign) with a powerful local impact, which means you’ll need specific local content on your site. An arsenal of quality links is required. Remember, a lost link in the sidebar is not the same as a link placed in the article’s introduction.

It is legitimate to think that if you pay below a certain amount, you will not be dealing with an expert and your SEO audit will, therefore, be less concise. Also, the price of your SEO audit varies depending on your website. On the other hand, remember that an SEO audit will have a lot of advice that will allow you to quickly improve your visibility and therefore increase your leads, your turnover, and your reputation.

Also, every page of a site does not have the same strength. Yes, it is entirely right that pages should always be judged on their inherent quality, but the world of SEO is not perpetually a fair world. Therefore, you should pay attention to the quality of links that link to your site.

Recently, the California search engine sounded the alarm against sites that use and abuse process automation techniques of linking and the massive use of links that are artificial. These are both techniques that are today considered as a form of black hat SEO. Also, avoid sites where there is a lot of spam like articles followed by a list of a hundred comments filled with unrelated links.

A simple one-hour workshop with salespeople around an SEO analysis is enough to create a bridge with marketing teams. On the other hand, more work than that will need to be done if you wish to see the fruits of your efforts. Also, do not systematically ask for links to your homepage that make your link profile artificial.

The number of links pointing to you is always an important factor, even if Google tends more and more to detach from it in favor of quality. Also, the homepage should not be the only one to receive links. Therefore, many components come into play when defining a successful SEO strategy.

You can also use local content to attract more local visitors to your site. Also, build your links slowly and surely. Do not imitate the hare, because the result will not be a morality tale for children but rather the loss of money. Remember, if you do an SEO audit correctly, competitors will flock to compete with you and will want to take your place. So, get ready for the competition.”