SEO Secrets We Don’t Usually Blog About

Written by: Jason Bayless | August 03, 2015

When it comes to Search Engine Optimization (SEO), everyone seems to be talking about the same tactics. The whole Web acts like there is one unified approach for attaining maximum online visibility, and this is true to some extent; however, the standard methods often overlook the most important advantages in the realm of SEO. A lot of crucial tricks are concealed by some seemingly unspoken Internet agreement. Well, without further ado, this guide will break that agreement to provide you with some secret techniques that are usually left unsaid!

Timing is Everything

There is so much emphasis placed on “what,” but we often forget to focus on “when.” Unfortunately, the exact moment of a post can often dictate its ability to go viral more than any other factor. Of course, perfect timing can be very difficult to cultivate, but it is possible. The primary way to stay timely is by monitoring current events closely and trend hopping regularly.

Subversive Materials Sell

Most bloggers want SEO to be this wholesome realm where nothing but the best content rises to the top. This perceived scenario could not be further from the truth. Solid chunks of today’s trending posts are completely not safe for work. The wide ranges of categories include drugs, sex and violence. Illicit thrills may be a quick way to rise on the ladder, but they can also alienate tamer viewers. In the end, it all depends on your demographic. Obviously, certain materials will effectively eliminate your site from workplaces, so the content has to be lucrative enough to be sustained off of personal browsing.

Bad Publicity is Good Publicity

Being noticed is incredibly important, and it doesn’t always have to be recognition for the right reasons. Once a controversial story has propelled a site to public awareness, it can use the heightened status to make amends later. The masses will not maintain their ill-will forever, and a few positive gestures can undo all the damage. Meanwhile, a venue’s audience base will dramatically increase. If the ensuing traffic revenue doesn’t judge whether the viewers were amused or annoyed, then why should you?

Good Publicity is Also Bad Publicity

Believe it or not, mainstream acceptance is not always a good thing. If you are not ready to handle the perils of being ranked in the top results, then SEO success could be your downfall. The biggest danger is a lack of security. The Internet is not always a friendly place, and sudden success can expose vulnerabilities in an upcoming brand’s presentation. An unprotected domain can be manipulated by hackers, hostile comments and hijacking. A gradual ascent is usually better, especially since it allows time to allocate resources for defense as needed.

Most Hit Rates are Inflated

Stop feeling insecure about the big numbers being posted by your competitors on social media, because they are probably artificial. Most Twitter followers and Facebook fans do not even exist; instead, they are empty accounts being bought and sold for status. Even the politicians are doing it. Over 2 million of Hillary Clinton’s Twitter followers are non-existent. Maybe it’s time for you to invest in some synthetic subscribers too!

You Need Connections for Social Media Success

If you want your fans to be legit, then you need connections. Accumulating a big base usually takes a foot in the door somewhere. The best route towards victory is usually convincing an established brand to share your materials! You might need some friends high up in the industry for any chance at being noticed. Silently, nepotism even plays a part in online commerce.

Final Note:

With this guide, you can see some of the more unconventional methods available for SEO. Finally, here is one more piece of advice: There is more to life than just Google! You can thrive by focusing on Bing and Yahoo!