SEO Methods: Which are Most Efficient?

Written by: Jason Bayless | May 11, 2016

If you publish something to the Internet, you need to know that it will be seen by as many people as possible. Therefore, you need to optimize your online real estate to make sure that it is found. Whether you are striving for organic traffic or want to create a viral buzz, SEO is important. Which methods are the most efficient?

Steps to Get Organic Traffic

If your goal is to get as much organic traffic as possible, you should target keywords that people will search for when looking for products or services that you may offer. You may also want to target keywords related to your cause if you are a nonprofit or an advocate for a particular issue. Assuming that your content is evergreen, it can attract traffic for months and years to come and will compound as time goes on.

In addition to optimizing content, you can optimize your website or social media accounts for search. The goal is to create a site name that has one or more keywords that you are targeting. Title tags and other markers throughout your site should also use those keywords to make it easier for search engines to figure out what your page is about. That allows people to find your site or social media account as opposed to specific pieces of content if you want a broader audience.

Steps to Get Content To Go Viral

If you want a piece of content to go viral, you have several options to meet your goal. The easiest way to do so may be to pay for visibility. This may mean that you decide to buy a sponsored blog post or put a link to your article on a popular blog or social media account. Posting ads on Facebook or on Google itself may also increase visibility while also helping you get targeted traffic if you want.

By paying for visibility, you know that people are going to see your content quickly. This increases the odds that people will share it with their friends, which will make it a phenomenon that others will want to see. You could also submit your content to viral sites such as Buzzfeed or Huffington Post, which have large audiences that like to share the content that they consume.

Getting content to go viral is a good idea because you can gain social signals, which may help prove that your content is trusted. This will help with your site and content SEO without having to put in any effort on your own part. Instead, other people will promote and validate your status as an authority.

Other Efficient Methods to Consider

As SEO is more than just the type of content that you put out, there are other options at your disposal. For instance, making your site mobile friendly as well as decreasing your site’s loading time can be helpful from an SEO standpoint. You could also choose to optimize for local SEO. This is helpful for professionals who serve a limited regional service area who still want to reach out to their customers in an affordable manner.

As there are a variety of SEO tactics and a variety of marketing goals, there are many different ideas that you may find useful. However, you goal should be to make your site and online presence as visible as possible regardless of what you need to do to make it so.