SEO: Mastering Link Building

Written by: Jason Bayless | January 15, 2016

The success of link building today lies within human investment rather than bundled packages and quick fixes. The most important note to learn about mastering link building is that it will take time and it will take money to do it properly.

Fruitless Efforts

It was once possible to take shortcuts to link building to successfully move to the top of page rankings. Today, search engine algorithms are far more sophisticated and they are more easily able to decipher between spam links, link stuffing, poor quality content and any other trick you may have used in the past. Shortcuts will no longer move you ahead of your competition. This can actually be seen as good news as shortcuts often negatively affect your online reputation.

Human Investment

Effective link building will take time and human investment. It is now widely recommended by all industry experts to take the time to invest on a person who is intrinsically aware of link building best practices and who is also highly creative with their link building efforts. It will also be advantageous if this individual has experience and has the ability to create quality content.

The Basics

Many people feel link building is no longer working, however it is working. The way you should go about building links for the most successful results has changed slightly. Some of the basics include popular sites, anchor text, trustrank, link neighborhood, freshrank and social sharing. If you focus on these basic principles, you are off to a great start.

Strategic Partnerships

It is essential to create strategic partnerships who also have a quality online reputation in addition to a relevant audience. If your business sells sporting goods and you partner with a plumber, search engine algorithms may believe the links to be spam. You should seek out partners for backlinks within your industry, preferably with individuals who are seen as industry leaders with popular sites. You should also seek out blogs that use a call to action with their page visitors.

Trackable Links

As you are working hard to create engaging content and to get people to share your links, be certain the links are trackable. You can either tag your URL so that you can later refer to Google Analytics to monitor results or you can utilize URL shortener programs that also track link activity. You should also do this if you are providing guest content.


One highly effective approach to providing content that is likely to be shared is to feature a number of experts within the content. Be sure the content is valuable to your audience and that the content is of high quality. Once you are ready to publish the content, send a trackable link to everyone you featured in the article or blog and ask them to share it.

Do Not Forget Social Media

Establishing a strong social media presence is still of great importance. The more you provide valuable and engaging information the more likely your audience is to share your content. It is also important to partner with individuals who have a strong social media presence, particularly if you are still working to build your audience.

Mastering link building is not an easy process and you no longer have a quick fix to reach the top spot. Try to be as creative as possible to really stand out with algorithms. As long as you are dedicating the time and money to your building your online reputation through link building, you will always be ahead of the competition.