SEO Marketing

Written by: Jason Bayless | November 11, 2015

Every business owner wants her site to appear at the top of page one when people search certain keywords. Making it happen is not as complicated as it may seem. Marketers who understand the basics of SEO are successful. There are four SEO marketing strategies that every online business should use to rise to the top of the heap.

Niche Marketing

The ideal domain name of your website is your principal keyword; the related keywords are your niche. Write articles using all of your niche keywords. A company selling cycling jackets has a website that is dedicated to this product. Using a keyword planner, it is easy to discover that there are several related keywords. Each of these should have its own landing page on the site. Articles posted to each landing page must also contain related keywords.

Social Media

Traffic from social media translates to high quality back links. Search engines, such as Google, deem a web page worthy when there is inbound traffic from social sites. It makes sense to believe that if people are sharing links and showing up on your website from these sources, you are offering value. Sites such as Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter, and others form an essential ingredient to any successful, ongoing SEO campaign. It is relatively easy to get these sites working to drive traffic to your pages.

Create an account in the name of your website. Set up the profile with an attractive picture. Fill out the entire profile for your website as you would for a person, with one exception: Your profile includes a link to your website.

  • Search for accounts in your niche.
  • For example, search the keyword, “cycling jackets.”
  • Locate a similar user that has a lot of followers.
  • Click on each one to follow it.

Because they are followers of a similar niche, it is likely that they would find your site interesting also. Many of the people you follow will respond by following you. Because you are posting in a niche that they find interesting, a lot of them will also share your posts. Each time that this happens, the shared link becomes a part of the follower’s profile. This becomes a high-quality back link. Build this to two or three thousand followers, and people will start finding your site organically.


Content quality is important. You should strive to be the authority on your particular niche. Place keywords in your articles in a natural way. The information is real, useful, and informative. Your content must also be original. Search engines automatically check for duplicate articles. Copying and pasting somebody else’s article will only hold you down when it comes to ranking in sites such as Google.

Cater to Mobile Search

The amount of web surfing done from handheld devices is increasing. It is a good idea to keep this potential traffic in mind when writing content. When possible, sprinkle in some shorter keywords. A mobile keyboard is harder to type on, so users prefer to enter as little as possible. Predictive search is popular with mobile searchers for obvious reasons. Mobile surfers often only look at the top three. Keep this in mind as you strive for a top position on page one.

Establishing a site in the top ten on Google is ideal for successfully marketing a web site. It takes some work and attention to detail, but it is within reach. Do the basics of SEO marketing well, and everything will fall into place.