SEO in 2018 Made Easier to Understand

Written by: Jason Bayless | March 21, 2018

Online marketing won’t ever be stagnant. New developments create new means in which marketing must be performed. 15 years ago, search engine optimization was the primary basis of all strategies. The recent exponential growth of social media led to the creation of extensive social media marketing. This, along with the confusion surrounding the Penguin and Panda Google algorithm controversies, has created a poor perception for search engine optimization. Unfortunately, many people do not invest the necessary time and effort in SEO work because they believe optimization is passe. Such an assessment is not an accurate one. As long as people consistently use the search engines, search engine optimization remains important.

2018 Relevancy

The key to successful SEO work entails remaining relevant in the current landscape. 2018 may prove to be a banner year for online businesses. A good economy usually means more sales. Regardless of the state of the economy, sellers must connect with buyers. Therefore, all search engine optimization work must end here to proper strategies that work in 2018.

Smartphone SEO Takes Precedence

People rely very heavily on their smartphones in order to surf the internet. In the old days, websites were crafted to appeal to users of desktop computers and laptops. Website-related SEO design took laptops and PCs into consideration. Today, heavy emphasis must go into making sure the website and SEO strategy fits the smartphone user. Smartphones account for a tremendous amount of traffic. Search engine optimization work that fails to take this into consideration will fall short. Traffic and conversion can fail to deliver on expectations as a result.

Never Overlook the Value of Content

Certain changes must be instituted in order to thrive in an advancing and developing marketing landscape. That said, not everything changes. In the SEO world, crafting brilliant content for websites and other traffic-dependent venues such as blogs won’t be phased out. As SEO ranking rules become more stringent, creating high-quality content must remain a top priority. In fact, serious work must go into making sure content is the best it can possibly be.

A blog supporting a commercial website cannot simply post generic and average-sounding material. The content must impress readers and hit all the necessary notes the search engine crawlers want to see. Extra time, effort, and experience may be needed to acquire such outstanding content. All these investments will be worth it.

Adding Digital Marketing Components

Digital marketing must become a component of SEO and overall marketing plans in 2018. The term “digital marketing” is a broad one. Scores of different promotional strategies fall under the category of digital marketing. Producing a podcast, for example, it definitely is a version of digital marketing. Other simple approaches may help the cause of leveraging digital marketing concepts.Creating videos on YouTube and then embedding the videos on a website, blog, social media profile, or other platform assist SEO strategies.

The YouTube videos would be indexed by the search engines. Searches for content related to the videos could lead to the discovery of the platform in which of the videos are embedded. Embedded videos support further traffic and show how digital media strategies can be maximized for SEO success.

The Arrival of Voice Searches

Technology serves the purpose of making things easier. The arrival of advanced voice-operated command programs definitely adds to the ease of using devices. These devices include, of course, computers and smartphones. And yes, one of the easier ways to search the internet would be to ask the program to find something for you. This alternative to typing in topics in a search engine box can change the game a bit. SEO work must take speaking vs. writing differences into consideration.