SEO Fundamentals For Small Business: Effective SEO Tips For You

Written by: Jason Bayless | September 18, 2017

“When I was young, I used to really enjoy being my father’s co-driver. When taking road drives, I was the one reading all the road signs, we had not discovered GPRS then and so every sign mattered as you could end up lost in the bush.

Search engine optimization is today’s sign post. It’s your pointer to your customers. Once you learn this art, your business will be well on its way to becoming global.

One of the things that make SEO a ‘must do’ for you is its effectiveness on putting you on the charts. You will not need to do door to door marketing. This tool will do that for you.

How does SEO work?

When you are for info on Google, you mostly type in a word and Google lists for you links that have related information. Even though there are scores of pages listed, I am sure you hardly go past page one. You only read through the links at the top of the list. For most people, the top most does it for them. That is what SEO does. It ensures your link is at the top such that investors, employers and anyone else who searches the internet; finds you easily and faster.

How can I make my business SEO compliant?

There are many ways of ensuring your business ranks at the top.
First, you need to get an experienced person to guide you on building sellable content. You may have a good blog or a website, anchored by the best of hosts but unless your content is clear, catchy and worth the readers time; it will not rank.
Two, invest time in researching about successful businesses in your niche, what are they doing on a daily basis? Who are they featuring? How are their products outlined? These are some of the small things that will guide you as you expose your business to the world.
Lastly, build a posting schedule. People like predictable things more than bolts from the blue. It’s human nature. We like things that are familiar. I am more likely to subscribe to your mailing list more if I know that you send out a newsletter every month rather than when I don’t know how often you will send.

How do I ensure my content ranks?

After you have ascertained quality content, you will need reviews. Sometimes you post great stuff but no one comments or shares. This will need to change. Device a method of getting feedback from your readers; assume you have a current customer base of ten people who tell you how your goods have helped them or; how they have recommended others to you. Have them write that on your page. They can either comment or post a review if you have a customer’s feedback tab on your page. Will they agree? Some will.
Find a way of rewarding the time they use on your page because they are actually helping you to promote your products.
When these reviews are happening, stamp your presence by commenting back or building the conversation. Keep in mind the keywords for your niche so that it’s a win-win situation.

After I rank; how long will I last at the top?

This is entirely dependent on your efforts. Remember; there’s competition. Everybody wants to be at the top.
There are some things you cannot compromise. One is fresh content. Innovative and compelling posts must keep flowing. You cannot just start with passion, rank highly and drop the sport. You essentially need more effort to stay at the top than you needed to get there.

Finally; you will need to expand your vision. As you attract more people, expectations increase. Outsource if you must but ensure your customers find you a one stop shop. The prize is high, but the reward is even greater.

Let us know if you found this information resourceful. Leave us a comment below. We will be delighted to hear from you.”