SEO For YouTube Videos: 5 Optimization Tips

Written by: Jason Bayless | January 19, 2015

Search engine optimization is always changing, but the one thing that is constantly being used for ranking on Google is YouTube. Video marketing is the best way to be able to get more visitors and get on Google quicker. The problem is most people don’t follow the right tricks to optimizing their YouTube videos correctly. Most people just think that stuffing keywords everywhere is going to make a difference, but there is more to it than you think. Use these 5 tips to start optimizing your YouTube videos more effectively.

Keyword In Title and Description

The first step is to make sure that your keyword which you want to rank for is in your title and in your description. This is a very common technique, but many people still forget to think about doing it. Make sure it is within the first sentence of your description. This is the biggest key factor to think about. It is good to make sure your title has the keyword twice, but this isn’t necessary.


The best thing to do when you’re all done with the video is to have as many backlinks as possible pointing to your video. Obviously, going way too far and having thousands of links in a single day can cause your video to be ignored. You can also take the time to go to Fiverr, buy a few backlinks, and slowly get the authority online. A lot of people misuse Fiverr the wrong way and they buy thousands of lis. Being slow and careful is vital.

Multiple Videos

Another simple way to get more powerful backlinks is to utilize YouTube itself. All you have to do is create your main video, and then make other videos as your backups. What you’ll be doing in those other videos is putting the link of your main video in the description. The other videos don’t even need to be perfect or look good. Just a text video is all you need. They will serve as additional backlinks, and YouTube videos in general hold up a lot of weight in the eyes of Google.


A great technique is to take all of the videos you have that are within the same niche and putting them into a playlist. Playlists may not exactly rank on Google, but it does rank well in the searches of YouTube when people look for videos within your niche. It also helps get more views and visitors since your videos will play in order once the first video is done.

Keyword In Username

This is the last and most powerful technique that you need to remember. Keywords may need to be in certain places, but the first place it must be is in the username. This simple and hidden tactic is the one part of YouTube marketing people always try to miss out. It’s the one aspect that can define how well your video gets ranked in the search engines.

When you’re planning on making a new video that you want to get ranked for a great keyword, all you have to do is create a brand new account and begin to add in the keyword in the username. This is the first big step, and it’ll change how your first video is viewed in Google. Make sure that your first main video also uses the same techniques above, and you’ll surely get it ranking in Google. The nice part about using the keyword in your username is that it holds power almost all of your videos, so if you’re trying to overcome a specific keyword or phrase, you can almost take over that keyword with this.

SEO optimizing is not easy, but with YouTube, there are definitely less problems to deal than traditional websites. YouTube SEO is all about doing proper marketing, keyword usage, and backlinking strategies to get the video ranking in Google.