SEO for Photographers: Keyword Tips to Improve Your Search Rankings

Written by: Jason Bayless | May 31, 2017

Keyword research is one of the most important tools in your SEO arsenal. Choosing the right keywords can bring you a huge increase in business. Effective keyword research can ensure you have rankings that last a very long time. However, many people learning how to find keywords can make major mistakes. Learn these keyword tips to improve your search engine rankings for your photography website.

Keyword Research is Crucial – Getting good at keyword research takes time. Almost every photographer has picked a keyword that they didn’t rank for. However, knowing what range of keywords to go after can help you skip those long months of waiting. First, it is recommended that you use some type of keyword tool. These tools guide you in keyword research to show you related keywords, search volumes, etc.

The best way to become a keyword research expert is to start typing in keywords. You don’t need to be too specific. This research is a great time to brainstorm potential keyword ideas. However, you will want to include cities you work in and your business. For example, a photographer in Florida would want to rank well for the term Florida photography. This early phase is the time to collect a large list of keywords that relate to your business.

Honing in on the Golden Keywords – You should now have a decent sized list of keywords that you might be able to rank for. Next, you will narrow down those words to a list of 5-10 keywords. It sounds scary but this will help you out big time. Using a tool like the Google Keyword Planner will allow you to see how many searches your keywords get. First, we will eliminate any keywords with no search volume. Also, you don’t want to try and go after keywords that are too difficult.

Keywords can be assigned difficulty which is based on a system of metrics. One metric you can rule keywords out on is if the competition is too strong. You want your website competing with other local businesses and not massive organizations. For example, if your keyword is Florida photography, you don’t want to see multi-million dollar corporations on the first page. These companies are likely paying big bucks to hold their position.

Creating the Right Pages for the Golden Words – You should now have 5-10 keywords that have search volume and aren’t overtaken by authority sites. It is now time to create a page or post around these keywords. Search engines place a lot of importance on the title of a page. You will want to place a keyword into your title with other words around it. For example, the title Best Photographer in Tallahassee Florida includes multiple potential keywords. You’ll want to place a keyword in one of your headers or the URL of your page, but not both.

Including media on your page is important for ranking well. You can place an image on a page with the keyword included somewhere. For example, alt tags or the image file name would be a good location to place your keyword into. You don’t want to ever keyword stuff, which means to use a keyword too many times. Generally, you will want to have your keyword make up 0.1-2% of your entire page text.

In closing, following these keyword tips can help improve your website. Knowing what keywords have search volume is very important. Also, knowing which words have too much competition can save a lot of time. Creating a page is the final step to new rankings!