SEO for Franchises

Written by: Jason Bayless | February 17, 2016

Adopting the right search engine optimization strategy can be crucial for providing franchise businesses with greater visibility. SEO methods that may work for smaller operations and stand-alone businesses do not always provide the same level of results when it comes to franchised businesses, especially when the management and hosting of the main website is done off-site. Utilizing localized content and focusing your efforts on attracting potential customers and new clients from within a more specific location or demographic can be key for ensuring a franchise location is able to enjoy greater standing in search engine rankings.

Treating Your Location as a Micro-Site

Franchise businesses are often placed in a difficult position when it comes to marketing and promoting their locations. In addition to the regular contributions that must be made to corporate-wide marketing funds, business owners are also responsible for promoting their own location and ensuring that local customers are more likely to take notice. Failing to aggressively market your location often finds many franchise owners struggling just to remain competitive. Highlighting your niche within the surrounding community and making an effort to treat your location as a micro-site can have major benefits when it comes to implementing an effective SEO or digital marketing campaign.

Mobile Website Optimization

More than 50 percent of mobile visitors may visit your physical location within the same day. Ensuring that your business is not going overlooked by those who are shopping for goods and services through their smartphone and table is never an issue that should be taken lightly. Configuring a mobile friendly site and ensuring that mobile browsers are provided with a convenient experience is absolutely essential when it comes to creating and implementing an effective SEO for franchised businesses.

Providing Fresh and Relevant Content

Ineffective posts and content that may be outdated or poorly focused may be detrimental to your SEO and marketing efforts. Quality content, regular updates and posting across numerous sites and services are often critical when it comes to improving the search rankings of your franchise location and attracting the attention of greater numbers of potential clients and future customers. Target, focused and location specific content is often very helpful for franchise owners who may find themselves struggling to implement a local SEO strategy that will not be overshadowed by larger company-wide marketing efforts. Some 53 percent of marketers list content creation as the single most important issue in terms of SEO effectiveness.

Focusing on the Consumer

When creating a superior SEO marketing strategy, either for a franchise or a stand alone business, what is good for the user is often beneficial for the company. Providing social media posts, newsletters and blogs that provide useful information and relevant details can be far more effective than focusing on the quantity of your content. Improving your site layout and design, participating in community events and encouraging customers to post positive feedback and reviews of their experience are all helpful efforts that may allow your location to stand out and get noticed.

Understanding Your Marketing Guidelines

While independent business owners have a free-hand to develop and implement unique marketing strategies, franchise owners should always consult the rules and guidelines provided by their parent corporation. Even the most effective SEO techniques and methods can end up being detrimental if they exceed the stipulations and regulations governing your advertising efforts. Creating a subdomains within the existing franchise structure offers a way to distinguish your location without being branded as a rouge website.