SEO for Etsy

Written by: Jason Bayless | September 09, 2016
Any website on the Internet can benefit from SEO strategies including Etsy shops. You’ll need people to find your shop when searching for products. Item listings can rank in the search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing.

Selecting Your Keywords
When choosing your keywords, it’s vital that you think like a shopper. If you were searching for your product, consider the words you’d pick. Keywords are what you add to your tags, so they’re an important consideration.

Page Title
You most likely picked an amazing name for your shop without a thought to your keywords. The shop title is where you can pick keywords and integrate them into your text. The page, or shop, title allows up to 55 characters and can be changed at any time. This is seen in the search engines when your shop comes up in the results. Editing your shop title is easy if you click on edit shop on the menu.

Shop Sections
If you’re selling jewelry on Etsy, a section with earrings, rings and bracelets might seem to be the best choice for your shop sections. That’s generic, and people don’t search generic names like that because they’ll get too many results. Instead, they’ll search for items like “thin bangle bracelets”, which means you should add category style type names for your sections. The section names are limited to 24 characters, so you’ll have to choose wisely.

Item Title
A good title can work to increase your visibility in search engines. They’ll only show 66 characters. This means that you’ll have to make those 66 characters count when creating titles. It’s vital that you clearly describe the item in the first few words. Pick your most powerful keywords for the title. Etsy also adds in your username automatically to the listing as well as using it for their own search engine. The title will be performing more than one duty.

Item Description
When it comes to the description, it’s important for people who are looking for a certain product to see exactly what they want. The description has more than one function. Along with showing potential customers the type of product you have, the description is added to the search engine listing. The first 160 characters are used for the search engines. The first line of your text should be a detailed description of the item with your keywords to ensure it’s picked up in the listing on search engines.

Links to Your Shop
Search engines gauge whether sites are interesting and relevant by seeing how many other people find it compelling. The search engines gauge that by the number of links to the website. In-bound links show Google that your page is interesting enough for others to link. The links have to be quality though. You want people to link to your shop from their websites and social media accounts. You can network with other shop owners to be featured on their websites as well as linking from your personal website and blog.

Social Media
It can take some time to see your SEO efforts to have an impact on your rankings, so you can do other tasks in the meantime. Etsy shop owners are constantly tweaking their listings and SEO to rank higher. It can take some time for you to see results, but you should allow the changes to remain for some time while search engines work on ranking. Often, people change them too many times, which Google doesn’t consider fresh content. Along with SEO, social media is important for your shop. It can be used as a social ranking too. When you share your listing on Facebook, Twitter or Pinterest, you’re gaining new traffic as well as a link for search engines to see.

It can be difficult to see the results of your SEO immediately, which might cause you some anxiety. You’ll have to be patient to see if your keywords start working their magic. If after a few weeks, you don’t see the traffic you want, you can tweak your listings with different keywords.