SEO for Dentists: How to get new clients to your site

Written by: Jason Bayless | February 16, 2015

Many consumers are overwhelmingly using the Internet to make a decision about which companies and service providers to use for a wide range of needs. When it comes to looking for a dentist, the Internet can provide the consumer with valuable information such as location, which insurance companies they work with, hours of operation and more. This means that your dental office’s website can be an excellent tool that you can use to encourage potential new patients to contact you for a first appointment. However, before your website can be used effectively as a sales tool, you must first find a way to drive traffic to your website. You can use search engine optimization, or SEO, to get new clients to your website by following a few steps.

Define What Your Dental Office Offers to New Patients

Many dental offices offer their patient a different overall experience. Some pediatric dental offices, for example, may cater to younger children and may have a key selling point of providing compassionate, gentle care. Other dental offices may offer cosmetic services, such as whitening, or even orthodontic services in the same location. Even general family practice dental offices may have a different spin on the type of care they provide, such as service from a dentist who has been serving the community for many years or the use of cutting edge technology for superior care. It is important to define what sets your dental office apart from others as a first step in using SEO on your website.

Select Your Keywords and Phrases

The selection of the keywords and phrases that will be utilized with your SEO campaign is critical. Some may believe that simply using a phrase like “Dallas dentist” would suffice, but this search may yield hundreds of results. This means that your website is likely to receive a very low ranking using this term. However, if you refine the search so that it is more specific and focused on what your office offers to new patients, you may receive better results. For example, you may instead opt to focus on “pediatric dentist Plano” or “teeth whitening Arlington” if you want to drive focused traffic to your dental office. These are terms that are likely to have far less competition with the search engines, which means that your website may be more highly ranked.

Using Your Keywords and Phrases

After you have selected the keywords and phrases that you want to use with your online marketing efforts, the next step is to integrate them into your efforts. Understanding how to incorporate keywords and phrases into your content may seem complicated, but it is actually rather simple. Google and other search engines will give websites that are focused on specific topics a higher ranking when those topics are searched for. However, it is not enough to simply include the targeted phrase in your content. Instead, you need to write content around the topic. You should include the phrases you have chosen naturally into the content, but you also need to use related terms. For example, if you are focusing on the term “pediatric dentist Plano,” you may also use terms such as teen dental care, first toddler appointment and other related terms in your text. Furthermore, when you create your social media updates, be sure to use your keywords and related terms along with your business name and location in your content.

The fact is that many who are looking for a new dentist to visit are looking for specific traits, services or factors. Their main focus may be on finding a cosmetic dentist, finding an office close to their home, finding a dentist that offers anesthesia with treatments or something else entirely. When you select keywords that are focused on your office location and the factors that set you apart from other dental offices, you will be more likely to create effective, SEO-rich content that helps your office to see a boost in new patients.