SEO Dominate Your City

Written by: Jason Bayless | December 04, 2015

As a local business owner, you understandably want to be the go-to source that your consumers turn to for the products or services you sell. Essentially, you want to dominate your city and be the top company that locals reach out to, and the first step to take to accomplish this goal is to fine-tune your marketing efforts. Marketing generates leads and can shape your brand image, and these are critical to achieving the dominance you desire. In order to be successful with your marketing, you will need to focus your efforts where your target audience is. While tailoring the location and type of marketing to your target audience is important, most target audience segments today will be rely on the Internet to either locate your business or to form a decision about which products or services they need. This means that you need to use online marketing to dominate your city, and SEO is the best way to accomplish this.

What Is Local SEO?
SEO, or search engine optimization, is a marketing strategy that essentially allows you to choose targeted keywords and phrases and to refine your online marketing efforts around those words. With local SEO, your keywords and phrases will have a local element to them. For example, they may include your primary keyword or phrase paired with a geographic term, such as “dog kennel in Kansas City.” A simple search for “dog kennel” may yield results from across the country and beyond, but the geographic phrase included with the keyword means that you will only be competing against local businesses for rankings and will only be targeting local consumers.

How to Update Your Website’s Static Content
If you have decided to update your website so that it is optimized for a local audience, you will first need to determine which words you want to target. Keep in mind that general terms, such as”electrician” may be more heavily targeted than terms like “wiring services” or “light fixture repair.” These refined terms paired with a localized keyword or phrase can give you more refined results from your efforts. Ensure that you include an optimized title page and meta descriptions as well for the best results.

Strategies to Update Off-Site Efforts
Updating your website is a great way to boost local SEO results, but this is not the only effort that you want to take. You also need to consider using local SEO in off-site marketing efforts. For example, you can continue to target your local audience by incorporating your local keywords and phrases into social media marketing. For example, you may use the term “dog kennel in Kansas City” in a Facebook post with a back link to your own website. This will increase relevance and rankings for your website, raise awareness about your company through social media and encourage links directly from the Facebook page to your own business website. In addition to social media marketing, you can also utilize locally optimized words in off-site articles, guest blog posts and more.

Dominating your city and being the go-to source for your consumers to turn to for your products or services is a top priority, and there are multiple steps that you can take to generate the results you desire. Local SEO is a top option to consider, and you can easily learn more about how to select the right local keywords and phrases to get the ball rolling on your campaign. Then, you simply need to find the best places to incorporate these words and phrases into your on-site and off-site marketing to generate the results you desire.