SEO Content: Styles

Written by: Jason Bayless | December 14, 2015

The Important of SEO Content Styles
SEO content styles vary depending on specific use. For example, SEO content styles for legal and financial blogs and business sites tend to be formal. In contrast, tech sites like digital marketing, web design, IT and industrial equipment prefer content written in a detailed, informative style. There are also educational sites that use a collegiate style of content geared to the level of their readership. To attract a higher rate of traffic online, it’s important to choose the right SEO content style that suits the basic purpose of the site and also products and services offered.

SEO Content Styles for Sales and Marketing
Of varied content styles, sales and marketing content is catchy, creative and contains keywords that lead to solid sales. Other content styles also use keywords. In sales and marketing, the style of SEO focuses on empowering keywords so action follows. The basic premise in sales and marketing content style also provides sites with the ability to track “hits” and to group keywords for optimal browser page visibility and also browser ranking.

Know Your SEO Content Style
SEO is a system of choosing words that optimize searches for users. Keywords play an important role is linking multiple, related websites and blogs. These are referred to as “back links.” In sales and marketing SEO content style, the main objective is to turn a site click into a sale through the use of “call outs” and “calls to action” embedded in SEO content. Study the specific SEO content style that fits your purpose. Learn which groupings of keywords increase site traffic most.

Tips on SEO Content Style
There are several clues that can help individuals choose the best style of SEO Content. These include:
. Action words used in business logos or promotional ads
. Understand the difference in keyword terms like broad, exact, phrase and broad match modifier keywords before creating content.
. Placement of keywords within the body of content
. Quantify keywords based on value

In most SEO content styles, descriptive words occur naturally in logos, brand names and are used most frequently in promotional ads for sales and marketing. Some of these descriptive keywords may be part of a catchy phrase. Other keywords may be contained in SEO content in exact use. These exact keywords are best used for educational and tech SEO content sites where unique terminology will reduce the time it takes to search for a site.

SEO and content have a natural symbiosis that networks between the need to find information and the need to use the information found by a search engine. This kind of intersection is described by Brian Sutter of Forbes, (see

Learn SEO Terminology for Maximum Use
In order to create great content styles, it’s necessary to learn SEO terminology and the difference between keyword structure, placement and keyword use. In sales and marketing content, the tendency is to require a specific percentage of keywords within content. For example, SEO content with a body of more than 500 words should include at least five to six percent keyword use. These keywords should be dispersed strategically throughout the content. The actual placement of keywords in content depends on the style and the speed with which the information can be found. SEO content strategy is discussed at…/posts/M7vmEkA1Wdt.

Quantify Keywords Based on Value
After choosing an SEO content style and keywords, the next step is to quantify keywords within content based on value. This simply means to use content strategies that maximize the value of each keyword in content style as if each keyword had a dollar value.