SEO Audit Can Provide Crucial Information

Written by: Jason Bayless | March 09, 2015

It’s important for a website to regularly have an SEO audit. This will reveal problem areas that require attention and provide ideas on how to improve. An action plan can be developed to perform important corrections. It will detail what is required and the steps necessary to achieve the desired change. An extensive SEO audit can help maintain a website with the latest technology for search marketing. This type of audit will help a business remain competitive.

Importance Of Regular SEO Audits
The SEO industry is constantly changing. These changes can happen very quickly. What makes a website successful today may not have any value a few months from now. Experts recommend that websites have an SEO audit at least twice a year. This will make certain the website is operating at maximum capacity and utilizing the latest technology.

The SEO Audit Process
An SEO audit will examine a website against a list of performance expectations. The person doing the audit will create a list of items that needs to be fixed. What is necessary to improve the performance and search engine results will be the focus. There are various ways a website can experience an SEO audit. Some website owners will conduct their own audit. Others will utilize the services of an SEO auditor. This type of auditor will be able to customize an audit to meet specific website goals.

Information Obtained From SEO Audit
One of the first steps in an SEO Audit is a detailed description of the website. This will enable a better understanding of how a website is performing with regards to internal/external links, social media and more. It’s important to look at any information associated with a website that contributes to its current condition. The next step is to produce a report that provides details of current and new internet marketing strategies. These strategies must be designed to take advantage of all possible sources for traffic. It must show new opportunities for the website and not be limited to just SEO. A list of actions must be created in accordance with the SEO audit checklist. Detailed explanations must accompany each every action item.

An audit should reveal if title tags are written in a way that attracts website visitors and those utilizing search engines. Tags need to contain appropriate SEO key words as well as brand mentions. Title tags should not be longer than 65 characters. Meta tag descriptions should provide interesting content. This content should attract viewers who are using a search engine. Each page on a website should include content that is high-quality and original. Pages need to have internet links that promote visitors and search engine robots to move through the website. Images on a website should be optimized based on current SEO best practices.

Broken Links And Dead Pages
It’s important to remove all outbound broken links. It’s also important to remove all dead pages from a website. Both of these items will have a negative impact on a website’s performance. Websites that operate with a content management system or an e-commerce platform might be able to install a tool to automatically checks for broken links and dead pages.

Search Engine Indexing
It’s important for a website to be designed so search engine robots can easily access the site. Many things can make this difficult such as improperly installed code files or site content that has been hacked and more. These things could prevent search engines from correctly reading a site’s content.

Website Speed
According to an article article in Entrepreneur Magazine, it’s important to know a website’s average speed, as well as load time. Google has let it be known that websites will be prioritized based on speed and load times. This will impact rankings and search algorithms.

Link Profiles
It’s important to check a website’s backlink profile. The types of links also needs to be examined. Directory links, press release links, as well as links from reputable websites, are important. The number and value of links that point toward a website will impact its performance and search engine results.