SEO and Content Marketing Tips for Small Businesses

Written by: Jason Bayless | October 11, 2017

“Every business owner wants more web traffic. The more people that visit your website, the more opportunities you have to convert them into customers and fans.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and content marketing are the skills that make this possible. SEO is what gets your website to the top of the search results, netting you tons of organic traffic. Content marketing taps into social media networks to drive additional traffic.

When both of these processes are managed, your business starts to make more money. Here’s how you do it.

Breaking Down SEO

You can break down your SEO approach into a few areas:

Long Tail Keywords
Content Creation
Web Design

Once you understand each of these three concepts, you will be able to improve your search rank.

Long Tail Keywords

Long Tail Keywords are phrases of four or more words. Your goal is to reach the top of the search results for a few long tail keywords.

For example, a car dealership might choose to target “Affordable Cars in Austin Texas”. They would use SEO strategies to become the top search result on Google for that search term. Once they are on top, it’s easy to get traffic. Whenever somebody uses a search engine to research cars in Austin, they’ll probably go straight the dealership’s website.

You can see how valuable this is. To pick the right keywords, check out Google’s free Keyword Planner tool. Use that tool to find keywords that get tens of thousands of hits per month.

Content Creation

Search engines reward regular activity. You should aim to post something new on your website every week.

Your content should always feature at least one of your long tail keywords. This teaches search engines that your website is relevant for those phrases, slowly moving you up the search ranks.

After your create content, market it. Post the link to your article on all of your social media pages. You can repost it a few days later for the people who didn’t see it the first time. Always include a photograph with your social media posts to improve your clickthrough rates.

Web Design

Your website’s design should reflect basic SEO principles. It’s standard practice to create a different landing page for each long tail keyword you target. This allows you to optimize conversation rates for each keyword.

You should link between your articles whenever you can. Hyperlinks add value to your website. If you’re willing to link to other websites, that is an even more powerful SEO boost.

There’s a tradeoff between the SEO benefits of hyperlinks and the desire to keep people on your own website. When in doubt, keep them on your site.

You Can Crush SEO and Content Marketing

When you first start utilizing SEO, it will feel a little confusing. Progress does not happen overnight, so you need to be patient and have faith in the process.

After your first few months, you will start to see the results pouring in. The best part is that your growth will accelerate over time. Give it a little time and you can crush the SEO game.”