SEO: 5 Tactics for The Best Visibility

Written by: Jason Bayless | March 30, 2016

Search engine results may not be the “all-in-all” and end of business success, but having a site with good rankings helps your business in a great way. Search engines, especially Google, have altered their algorithms in the past few years, introducing many updates to make the best rise to the top. This has also forced marketers to change their approach towards SEO. Here are ideas that will help make your site more visible.

1. Visibility over ranking

Getting your site to rank higher than competitors doesn’t necessarily mean more traffic. Visibility means dominating several listings and keywords. For example, if your competitors rank higher for visual searches, though they may not rank as high in web searches, they may end up with significantly higher visibility and in the long run, get more traffic.

2. Google Places and Google Plus

Using Google’s suggested channels can significantly enhance your rankings. The best search in real estate is dominated by companies that occupy prominent positions in Google’s properties, including Google Places and Google Plus. If you want to ensure an optimum presentation of your listings, turn your focus on citations and reviews that originate from those properties. It may be somehow difficult to get reviews, but you can obtain them when you set up channels to actively sensitize your customers to review your business, or just ask them to do so. The good news is, using Google properties, it is easy to set up ways for customers to start reviewing your company online.

3. Fundamentals first

While many companies are concentrating on developing their local SEO, others are still failing regarding essential practices. Among the most common pitfalls starters find themselves in is the lack of customized Meta descriptions. Failure to use Meta descriptions discards the opportunity to attract a high degree of traffic. Your company may appear in the search results, but without the right snippet to make people want to click your link will make you lose those clicks.

4. Citations

Sometimes, it is easy for people to abuse the SEO power of citations. But, they are still a very vital part of establishing the trustworthiness of companies for website visitors and search engines as well. For example, if you have over 150 citations telling Google that your business is located at a particular address, this information will be deemed trustworthy, and will be indicated in the search engine results. There are many accessories on the web that can help you create citations. Many of these can help you in managing all your online directories in one place.

5. The ranking of all your sites

As it has been said before, it is more important to increase your visibility than to focus on improving your rank. But, when forced to choose between increasing your visibility for particular keywords and improving the rank of several properties, which one would you choose? It will ultimately depend on the specific keywords you will be working with. The reason is the perceived relevance of a URL varies depending on the search terms. For example, if an individual is doing a visual search, it’s vital to make your images rank highly for them to be candidates for clicks.

One way to figure out where to focus is to do several searches for the terms you intend to rank for and then note what shows up in the results. This will indicate to you exactly the kind of content that shows up with those results. They could be articles, pictures, videos, and what your competition is doing for those keywords.

Online visibility is a critical factor in both the success of your business and the amount of traffic you will get on your website. It is, thus, vital to apply these ideas to improve your online visibility.