Search Tools for SEO

Written by: Jason Bayless | January 22, 2016

Search Engine Optimization – or SEO – can be difficult to use correctly. However, in today’s online world, there are plenty of search tools to aid in SEO research for the newcomers to the field.

One of these tools is Screaming Frog. Good news for those who simply want to try it before committing to pay a lot of money: they offer a free version. Up to 500 URLs can be crawled for a limited amount of information in this version. The searches cannot be saved (though screen shots can easily remedy that issue for some), and a video can be viewed on the homepage of their site. It can even detect issues you may miss. For about $160, however, you get full access to the site. The fee is paid each year, and searches are saved, can be re-uploaded, more URLs can be searched in one search, and much more.

Another tool is called SEMrush. This is a site’s doctor visit. The tool can check out search engine rankings traffic, how many keywords a site will rank for on a search engine, and even checks organic traffic. All of these can be used to figure out if a site should be reached out to. It also lets you know if there are no keyword rankings on the site for search engines. If not, then you can easily surmise that something has happened to get them out of the search engines. This one is quite costly – ranging from $80 to $150 a month depending upon the needs of your company. The reports are incredibly easy to read, and any domain is game.

AuthorityLabs is another tool that SEO big leads should use. A keyword ranking can be tracked over time, and multiple sites can be compared at once. If you’re looking to see how a competitor site compares against yours in various search engines, this is the tool to use. An example of the effectiveness of this tool is the key phrase “best computer”. Amazon, Target, and Best Buy numbers were compared for Google and Yahoo. In order, they were six, zero, and two for Google. Yahoo produced seven, zero, and two, respectively.

Open Site Explorer is a tool that should not be overlooked by SEO leaders. This is also a costly option that ranges from $99 to $599 a month. The site looks at all the links in a given page – whether incoming, outgoing, or external altogether. The tool also allows curious people to see where their site or company is mentioned on the web. The cool part about this function, however, is that it looks for all mentions – whether they are linked or not.

UberSuggest is a completely free tool that should be tried. A keyword or phrase is entered into the site. The site then comes up with as many suggestions as it can in the specified language and the specified search area (web, video, image, etc.). The original suggestions can be clicked to see even more suggestions. A basket is available for matches that you add via the plus button. This allows any user to get a good idea of what keywords are being searched in relation to your specific keyword by real users. It can be inspiration for blog posts, PPC campaign optimizations, or even simply to get your site ideas flowing.

A final good tool to use is LinkPatrol. This one has a fee, but it is only a one time fee and ranges from $50 to $200. Black and grey hat technique links can be found in any domain or anchor text for outbound links. This allows you to clean up your links and avoid nasty repercussions.