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Company Rankings

Written by: Jason Bayless | June 29, 2012

Our SEO company rankings are derived from a proprietary score that we calculate based on a variety of data points. We do not publicly share the weight that we give to each data point as to not allow SEO companies the chance to manipulate our rankings. We do however share what data points we use to calculate our scores.

Some of the things that we use in our scoring are current rankings from 3 different SEO Company rating services, on-page quality score of the SEO firm’s homepage, backlink quality score for the firm’s own website, a visibility score on how well the company ranks for the keywords that they are targeting, number of media mentions, quality of client list, mystery shopping, and contribution to the SEO community through blogging and conference appearances.

The following is why we feel each data point is important in the evaluation process:

1. SEO Company Rating Services – We analyze 3 different SEO company rating services and assign a score to each company based on their position in the rankings. We feel this is important to include because these are 3 unique sources that offer valuable insight into the quality of each SEO company.

2. On-Page Quality Score – We analyze the quality of the on-page work that an SEO agency has done for their own website. If they aren’t able to do a good job for their own website then it is entirely possible that they will fall short in the work that they do for you.

3. Backlink Quality Score – We analyze the quality of the backlinks of each SEO firm. If they are getting their links from spammy sources then it is reasonable to believe that those backlink strategies will be used on your campaign as well. Quality backlinks are a must for any SEO campaign.

4. Company Rankings – We take into consideration where a company ranks for the keywords that they are targeting. If they aren’t able to rank for their keywords, they might have difficulty getting your website to rank for yours.

5. Media Mentions – We take into account media mentions as a way to gauge the quality of the SEO company. If they are mentioned frequently in the press, that is a good sign that they are viewed as an authority.

6. Quality of Client List – We look at the companies that have placed trust into each firm. The better the quality of clients, the more trust we give.

7. Mystery Shopping – We contact each firm via email/phone to learn about pricing, gauge their responsiveness, and to get a feeling of how friendly and attentive the company’s representatives are.

8. Contribution to the SEO Community – One of the best ways to determine how knowledgable an SEO company really is, is by looking at what knowledge they are contributing. Many SEO companies have blogs, their representatives may contribute guest posts on other blogs, and some companies even speak at conferences.