Search Console Warning: Unnatural Link Detections

Written by: Jason Bayless | April 04, 2016

There is no benefit to trying to create a link structure that is not completely organic in nature. The history of Google and unnatural link profiles has not been a good one, so if you are considering building one in this day and age, you may want to take a look at the negative effect that it might have on your brand. Here are some of the ways in which a natural link detection’s can affect your ability to do business on the Internet

– The History of Unnatural Link Sections and Google

In 2011, Google faced a great deal of scrutiny because of its botched attempt to weed out websites that owed their web presence to unnatural link profiles. Back then, a single webmaster could get on page one of Google by creating fake websites and sending fake links to a single website. There was no quality control; the website with the most links got the highest ranking on Google. Everyone abused the system until Google attempted to correct the problem with an algorithm change.

The results were tragic. Websites that had nothing to do with false link profiles were punished on Google. Although the update eventually created a tougher time for black hat marketers, the fallout was so immense that even people who did not ever think of creating a false link profile were scared away from the tactic. The moral of the story is this: You may get punished for doing everything right, and you will definitely get punished for doing even the smallest thing wrong.

Google was not able to make everything right for the innocent websites that got caught in the crossfire. Some of those websites simply had to make completely new URLs and start over. However, the websites that definitely created falsely profiles were completely wiped off the map. This is the punishment that Google currently implements for websites that are found to have this strategy in place. You may completely blacklist your URL from the major search engines for life. In worst-case scenarios, the search engine may implement an IP ban, completely stopping you from creating a website from your home computer in any shape or form.

– Current Penalties for Unnatural Link Detections

The penalty system that ran roughshod over so many innocent websites in the past has been more or less fixed by Google today. However, there is no way that even Google can eliminate all of the bugs from its system. Many websites that do nothing wrong are still caught in the crossfire of Google link audits. When this happens, even if the website is completely innocent, the time that is lost trying to correct the problem is bad for business. It is much better to completely stay out of the way when it comes to unnatural link detections. Make sure that you follow every rule Google creates to the letter. This is the only way that you will be able to keep your website out of the crosshairs.

The current form of this update, known as Google Penguin, will soon be placed into the mainstream Google system. This means that your website may be punished in real time if you create a false link. There is no way around it – the only way to build a real and lasting connection with the major search engines is through an organic link structure.