Realtor’ Guide to SEO

Written by: Jason Bayless | June 19, 2015

The real estate market is a highly competitive industry, and it is important for those who function in the industry as realtors to market and brand themselves in a highly effective manner. One element of marketing and branding that is absolutely essential is establishing an online presence. Realtors have the responsibility of creating exposure for the properties that they represent and themselves. This means that they have to create an online presence, and it is important to understand that an online presence requires more than simply building a functional website. The realtor has to be able to drive traffic to the site, and the most consistent way to do that is through an effective SEO strategy.

There are a number of ways that realtors can enhance their SEO performance. Currently, there seems to be a love-hate relationship between realtors and SEO. They all want the benefits that come from a solid SEO strategy; however, they generally lack the knowledge and skills to get it done.

First, it is important to understand that any SEO strategy and campaign will require patience, because SEO performance is not an instant dynamic; it takes time.

However, there are some steps that can help expedite the process, and several are listed below to help realtors get off to a solid start.

Be Unique in Building the SEO Strategy

First of all, commonality is rarely a good thing in any facet of marketing and branding. Creating a unique SEO strategy will help separate the company from its competitors. Additionally, each site and business has unique needs that require a unique and disciplined approach. Real estate SEO, in itself, requires a unique marketing approach in comparison to many other businesses, and then there are things that must be considered within the industry. In other words, a realtor that focuses on high-end homes will be targeting a completely different audience than a realtor who is focusing on low to mid-range priced homes. Determining the target audience and the things that will be relevant to a specific audience is vital to the SEO strategy that is used. It is important to find a unique way to resonate with the audience.

Conduct Adequate Keyword Research

This is an area in which many realtors suffer. They become lazy in the area of research and the use of comprehensive data and analytics. Many of the top SEO experts suggest that keyword research is one of the most disregarded aspects of SEO; however, it has the potential to have a massive impact on the effectiveness of the campaign. It is vitally important to understand which keywords customers are using to find the type of service that a particular realtor is providing. It is equally important to understand how competitive certain keywords are. This is a part of the optimization process that cannot be overlooked.

Never Underestimate the Power of a Good Headline

Unfortunately, very few realtors give adequate consideration to the headlines that they use. The truth is that a good headline is like oxygen to a real estate marketing campaign. The headline is what captures the attention and imagination of the target audience. A good headline will also help with page ranking and keyword usage. The headline is highly indicative of the level of inspiration that is used to create the content and copy. It gives users an idea of what is in the content, assuring them that the information they are seeking is just one click away. For most realtors, the headline is an afterthought, when it should be given a substantial amount of gravity.

Create High Quality and Relevant Content

The days of keyword stuffing are long gone. Keyword density does not have nearly the impact it had just three years ago. The focus of major search engines is centered on the quality and relevance of the content. This means that a significant amount of thought has to go into content creation. The content has to be something that the user will find interesting and useful. It has to have value. The more unique the content, the greater the value, and the more that the content will stand out.

Creating a successful SEO campaign as a realtor is challenging; however, it is possible with the right amount of commitment and effort. These steps should definitely get those who are ready to get off of the right foot.