Process for Discovering & Prioritizing the Best Keywords

Written by: Jason Bayless | August 01, 2016

Search engine optimization is an extremely important field for businesses. Companies that make these methods a priority are likely to see greater levels of success than businesses that don’t. While SEO involves manifold components, keywords have a place in where it all started. Therefore, selecting the right keywords is crucial.

Keywords and SEO
Before you can begin to pick out the right keywords for SEO, you need to know the role that they play. Some customers search directly for your business; however, others are looking for products and services related to your company. They type words into a search engine, and, then, a number of results appear. Your goal is to figure out what they are typing. That way, when the search engine returns the results, your business is at the top of the list, increasing the chances that you’ll make a profit.

Your Target Audience
When you are beginning a plan for developing the right keywords to use, you need to consider who the members of your target audience are. Not only do you want to predict the keywords, but you also want to predict who is typing them. Getting into the minds of your target audience members provides you with a greater chance of figuring out what they are thinking. Also, you can start to consider how their needs might change in the future and how you can keep them as customers.

Use Common Sense
Employing intense methods of research is not always completely necessary when it comes to picking out the right keywords and phrases. While it does play a role, you should also let common sense guide you. Imagine that you were sitting down to research the product or service that you sell. Think about what words you would type into the search engine; by doing so, you have an answer as to what at least some of your keywords should be.

Check out the Competitors
Part of being a good business owner is knowing what the competitors are doing and making sure that you are steps ahead of them. Therefore, you should take a look at the websites of your biggest competitors. Look for words and phrases that are repeated throughout the content, and you have found the keywords and phrases. The goal is not to simply use the same material; the goal is to find a way to perfect it.

What Keywords to Use and When
Using the keywords properly means that you don’t just have them haphazardly splattered all over your pages. You need to place them with purpose. Failure to do so means that your website might just look like spam. Think about whether or not any of your keywords are seasonal or if any of your keywords become irrelevant when a new product comes onto the shelves and replaces an old one. Also, consider the products that you are looking to push right now; you may want to prioritize those keywords for the time being and then change later. Whatever you do, don’t stuff keywords into the written material. That will turn readers away.

Furthermore, you have to understand that the best methods for integrating keywords are going to change; the techniques have been refined and developed since SEO appeared on the scene, and that is unlikely to stop happening. Know when you need to take the time to review your page and to figure out how to incorporate even better keywords and phrases for your growing audience. Doing so ensures that you are up-to-date and providing relevant material for the members of your target audience.