Part 3: Effective SEO Tips for Photographers

Written by: Jason Bayless | August 25, 2017

One recent innovation has been the creation of social media. Photographers know how important social media is for their brand. However, did you know that social media can also help increase the value of your website? There are steps that can be taken to use social media to your advantage. Don’t be the photographer that never paid attention to social media. Here are SEO tips for using social media to establish authority.

Create Content that Engages – In the beginning, you might not have one million followers but that is alright. Every social media page once started out with no followers. Your main goal is to use social media to gain authority. First, reach out to anyone you might know to follow your social media page. Friends and family members are two great sources of easily obtained followers. It might sound humorous but you would be amazed at how quick a page can grow from only a few followers.

Next, you will want to start posting content. If you don’t have anything prepared, share a good post you’ve read somewhere else. A key to growing your social media accounts is quality content. You will eventually want to start posting your own content. Posting content you create yourself will establish you or your brand as an authority, not another website. Also, posting content on social media pages is great for helping them rank well in search engines. Website content that is shared many times in social media usually gets a boost in rankings.

Connect with Other Social Media Pages – Many places will tell you to focus solely on your page to grow your own network. However, connecting with other social media pages has big potential to increase authority. You can begin this process by searching on social media for accounts similar to your own. Leaving a like or share on these pages is great but you can go the extra step.

If possible, consider leaving comments for posts you really enjoyed and invite them to visit your page. If you come across as genuine and take a minute to prepare something not generic, you can really start gaining new followers. It might seem scary to put yourself out there like that. However, most businesses want to grow their social media as well, meaning they will likely follow back.

Reply with Advice, Not a Sales Pitch – When your social media channels begin growing, you will likely interact with your followers. One big mistake that those new to social media make is always going for the sale. People on social media will catch on if you are always trying to sell something. Instead, offer assistance and personal advice to your followers.

For example, let’s say that you have a comment asking about good photo locations. The bad way to reply would be to start mentioning prices and pressuring them into buying a photo session from you. However, simply replying to the original question with helpful and free advice now makes you look authoritative. Also, offering advice and not sales pitches will make you look more respectable on social media.

In closing, social media can be a big opportunity to establish authority in your niche. Creating content is the first step to any successful social media account. You can also share a web page that you think your audience may find interesting. It is important that you connect with other social media pages, especially ones that have to do with photography. Leave respectful and genuine comments to other social media pages. Following these tips will make you an authority very quickly.