Part 2: Effective SEO Tips for Photographers: The Value of Quality Links

Written by: Jason Bayless | May 22, 2017

One crucial aspect of having a great website is receiving quality links. It is can be easy for a photographer to wonder how to get these links. You certainly don’t want your website to receive poor quality links. There are tips that can help you determine what quality links are. In this post, you will learn about what quality links are and their value for your website.

Links can make or break your website. If you don’t receive enough links, it will be hard to rank your website. On the other hand, having too many links can land your website with a penalty. You never want to build too many links at a fast speed. Building links at a more natural pace are essential for ranking well. One way to obtain great rankings is by knowing what makes a quality link. Knowing sources for quality links can give you a big advantage over the competition.

Quality links are going to be from quality domains. A website that is well-known can be a great source for receiving a quality link. However, larger websites can be hard to obtain a link from. Luckily, there are many quality domains that your website can receive links from. Many businesses will create social websites for their businesses right away. Massive social media websites like Facebook and Twitter are amazing sources for obtaining quality links.

Links of good quality don’t always have to be social media websites. Popular photography websites can be the perfect sources for great links. Search for relevant photography blogs for you to comment on. Blog comments can prove to be quality links for your website. It is important that you don’t build links too fast. It is wise to aim for creating a few backlinks per day. Over time, you can create more links but, in the beginning, take it slow. You can also get your website listed on relevant photography directories. In addition directories can usually let you add more information about your photography business.

Quality links must be built at a reasonable pace. Building links too fast can send bad signs to search engines about your website. Link building is a process that can take time but it is often worth it. Newer websites will want to build links at a slow pace when starting out. Older websites have more freedom with link building speed. Generally speaking, aim for building no more than ten links in the first week. Keeping a weekly backlink schedule can ensure you stay on track. As your website grows, you will have freedom to build more backlinks.

Receiving quality links makes your website appear more important to search engines. These engines are able to see where your website receives links from. If these engines see you have quality links, it is likely you will have a quality website, in their eyes. A website that is seen as being of a high quality is also known as having authority. Authority websites will often outrank non-authoritative websites in search engines. Having quality links helps to create a more authoritative website.

The main benefit of having a website that ranks easier is more traffic. If you have quality links, you will soon see your website rank better. In turn, these rankings can bring many new eyes to your website. Every photographer knows that more visitors means more potential clients. SEO can sometimes be a long process. However, the journey of many successful photography websites has been started with quality links.