Off-Page Search Engine Optimization

Written by: Jason Bayless | February 26, 2018

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is one of the most important things you can do for your business, especially online. It is crucial that you use the right strategies that have been proven to work. If you don’t, you could make common mistakes and lose out on opportunities to grow your brand as fast as possible.

The Importance of Off-page SEO

When most people think of SEO, they think of basic on-page tactics. This includes making sure you have a quality keyword that is relevant to your market. It is what determines, in large part, what you will rank for and how people will find you.

Then, there is also the code part of on-page SEO. This is the backend structure of the page which Google will crawl with their algorithms. Finally, there are factors such as site speed and image optimization.

But what gets lost in the quest for SEO domination is the importance of off-page SEO. Here is why off-page techniques are so important:

Meta Descriptions

When people search on Google, there is a little snippet of text that shows up beneath the links that go though to the website. This is what is called a meta description. It is ke that you use the most compelling and accurate descriptions here. The reason is that other than the headline of the article (which acts as the link) this is the other part of the search results that allows you to persuade people to click through. It is more akin to copywriting than other SEO tactics.

While it may seem relatively straightforward to write meta descriptions, keep in mind that every one of your competitors is constantly trying to optimize theirs. If you are not a pro writer, consider hiring someone onto your team who can help you accomplish this. The small investment will pay large dividends into the future.


On-page SEO features a number of links. These links are used to direct the visitor to another page on your site or another site entirely. The value of these links is that key can actually boost your rankings if they link out to quality sites that Google determines have a lot of value for the visitor.

However, there is another type of link that is often overlooked, but it shouldn’t. The backlink is a type of link from another site to your site. Generally, the more links you have from other sites to yours, the better. However, the system is weighted.

When a large site, such as CNN, (or a big industry site in your niche) links to you, it will give you more SEO power than a link from a small blog that was created yesterday. It’s because Google deems these larger, more established sites as more trustworthy. By proxy, if you have a link from one of these big sites, you must be trustworthy as well.

You can leverage these backlinks by actively creating a strategy for getting links back to your site. Reach out to industry partners who you think could help you. But offer value for them too in the form of a guest post or interesting story to link to on your site.

In today’s day and age, SEO is far different than in the past. It is not easy or smart to try to game the system. Instead, you need to make sure you understand how SEO works on all levels. That way you can compete in a way that won’t be punished by Google. If you do, you can avoid missing out on organic traffic and boost your bottom line now and into the future.