Mobile SEO Services

Written by: Jason Bayless | June 08, 2016

You already know that integrating mobile SEO into your overall marketing campaign is imperative to the success of your company. You’re aware that modern times call for top technological advancements and polished tools. However, despite this awareness, you are not quite sure how to bring your current mobile sites, applications and other avenues into 2016. Instead of fiddling with technology that overwhelms you, hire professionals to tackle the job. Just make sure you know what to look for.

Diverse Range of Services
Imagine that you hire a team of professionals to optimize your website for mobile devices, and they do a fantastic job. At the end, you ask if they can now move on to fixing up your app. However, you discover that this service is not one that the company offers. Now, you have to start all over again and find a new team to tackle the app. When you are speaking with companies, make sure that they provide all the services you need. Doing so is less of a hassle, and it also offers a stronger guarantee of cohesion among your platforms.

Experience with Mobile Devices
Perhaps you have found a company that primarily focuses on SEO for websites but has some elementary knowledge of SEO for mobile sites. Chances are, you could figure out the basics of the field yourself, so you don’t want to waste the money paying someone else to do it. While you are conducting research, take the time to figure out what the company’s experience is with mobile SEO. Companies that have been in the field for at least a couple of years may have the most to offer to you.

Samples of Work
Listening to ideas about mobile SEO is great, and it allows you to start growing a vision in your mind; however, it does not show you the vision that the developers have in their heads. Ask to see a sample of the work that they have done. For privacy reasons, they may not be able to tell you the companies with which they have worked, but the hope is that they can at least allow you to gain a visual sense of their work.

Modern Methods
While mobile SEO is certainly not the newest idea in the world, it does not exactly have a very long history either. Despite that fact, it has undergone a number of changes in its brief life, and you need to make sure that the company with which you work is aware of these changes. When you are checking out the work, see if the business is using modern methods. Of course, you must consider when the work was done. Ask the team if the experts use the latest methods to implement the ideas.

The Company’s Site and App
You want to make sure that your website looks spectacular and that the app is easy to access and use. You don’t want people fiddling around with their phones to try to navigate the pages on their sites. Take out your phone and check out the SEO service’s website and app. Visit all of the different pages to see how easy it is to navigate from page to page, and see if the links are working. The strength of the company’s own mobile platforms give you a better sense of the kind of work they can do for your business.

Giving up some control of your business can be scary, especially when you are venturing into the world of new technology. However, when you find professionals in the field of mobile SEO, the success of your business can grow quite a bit.