Mobile Search Engine Optimization

Written by: Jason Bayless | May 20, 2015

These days, more and more consumers are using mobile devices to visit websites in order to find the goods and services that they want. Thus if you’re a business owner who wants to maximize profits this year, it’s important that you invest in mobile search engine optimization. Although the term may sound complex, it’s not. Mobile search engine optimization is the simple process of ensuring that your website is easy to find and navigate amongst individuals who are using mobile devices to access it. With this idea in mind, be sure that you’re implementing the following mobile search engine optimization techniques to get the absolutely amazing conversion rates that you want:

1. Focus On User Experience.

Although defined broadly, user experience is basically about a site’s ability to keep visitors engaged and interested with your company’s brand. As many internet marketing experts know, engagement plays a key role in helping you optimize your conversion rates because it helps facilitate brand familiarity. There are numerous ways that you can enhance your mobile user’s experience, and one of the most effective is responsive web design. With this technique, you can ensure that your website is easy to navigate for individuals irrespective of the device they use to access it.

2. Keep It Clean.

This year, many internet marketing experts have been emphasizing the importance of clean design. The phrase “clean design” basically refers to the process of making your website easy to read and take action through. This means that you should be placing emphasis on ensuring that you’re offering information in a simple, clear manner that mobile device users can easily digest. For example, you don’t want to overwhelm or irritate a mobile user with a call to action that takes up two paragraphs. Something simple like “Click Here To Sign Up For Our Free Newsletter!” will be more effective in helping a potential client learn more about your goods and services. This type of simple, clean way of constructing your content can be especially important for mobile users because their screens are smaller than the traditional PC format.

3. Stay Current.

As many marketing experts know, the world of mobile search engine optimization is constantly changing. As a result of this reality, it’s very important for business owners to remain fully cognizant of emerging trends and best practices. For example, voice search has become quite a big deal in the world of mobile devices. Voice search is basically the process of asking search engines specific questions via smartphone. An example would be “Where is the closest Arden’s Garden?” For this reason, business owners who utilize an SEO technique that incorporates conversational search words within the content can have an edge over other businesses that haven’t taken advantage of the voice search phenomenon.

4. Remember That Branding Still Matters.

As you become more savvy with respect to mobile search engine optimization strategies, you may forget some basic marketing principles that are wholly applicable within the world of mobile device use. For example, branding is still one of the most simple and effective ways to connect with your target market, including those who are utilizing electronic devices like smartphones to access your website. Since this is the case, it’s quite important for you to focus on branding tactics such as selecting a clear, consistent image and icon that will come to represent what your goods and/or services are all about.


These days, more and more consumers are using their mobile devices to access information about the goods and services they want to buy. Since this is the case, it’s important that your website and other online media be optimized to appeal to and connect with these individuals. To make it happen, be sure that you’re using the techniques and tips outlined above. Good luck!