Job Search Advice: SEO Tips from Google

Written by: Jason Bayless | November 06, 2017

One of the best ways to find out how you appear to recruiters, potential employers, and others is to Google yourself. When you submit a resume, they will Google your name to decide if you are an employee worth pursuing. Now is the time to start making sure your personal brand surfaces in a keyword search for your name.

Your personal brand is how the world sees you. It makes sense that people prefer those whose brand is interesting. Whether people know or admit it, everyone has a personal brand. Once you figure out how you want to define your brand, the next step should be to position yourself across online channels. You will make it easier for interested parties to find you. Google offers several tips for individuals to build their personal brand.

1. Anyone without a LinkedIn profile should create one. Those with a LinkedIn profile should optimize it for search. Like Google, LinkedIn also has a search algorithm. Edit your headline to make sure it contains the keywords recruiters and others look for when hiring.

2. Fill out your LinkedIn summary. Again, express in terms of your abilities and how you can contribute to a company’s bottom line. Include a professional photo. One that is up to date. You can also decide if you want your profile to be public or private.

3. Utilize YouTube and upload videos that include talks, lectures, or examples of your work experience. Google owns YouTube. Making an impact on YouTube can carry over into making an impression in Google search efforts. Videos can express who you are just as well as a resume can. Sometimes they express your brand even better. In today’s world, videos may even be a part of the job-search process where remote positions are sought.

4. Create a website, skills page, or an online portfolio. Your website can be a single page or more. Link to your social media accounts. This enables an individual to capitalize on their “About” page with things like photos of conferences or career-related trips. This is not the venue to get too personal about yourself. A relevant online portfolio allows you to show off your skills and interests. It enables you to make a personal connection with the world. Have someone check your work to make sure it is appropriate and professional.

Your personal brand is just like that of a company. The key is to nurture it for effective brand awareness. Find a suitable platform and identify those things that make you unique. Own your space and create a brand persona that companies and people will immediately recognize and respond to.