Is Google Trying to Kill SEO?

Written by: Jason Bayless | August 19, 2016
Over the years, many companies have tried to sue Google for one thing or another. No matter what the search engine giant faced, the court always dismissed the case. However, it seems that the tides have turned. A Florida judge denied Google’s motion to dismiss the case against. This case is important because it could change SEO for good. The plaintiff, E-ventures Worldwide LLC, is accused of using search engine manipulation to rank higher in the search results. Subsequently, Google immediately de-indexed hundreds of the plaintiff’s websites without analysis or redress. The plaintiff claims it cost them millions of dollars in loss. Did Google have a right to de-index their sites?

Google’s Vague Policy Causes a Great Scandal

The problem is that the de-indexing was not done according to the algorithmic rules Google has set forth in their policies. They did not follow the webmaster’s guidelines, instead, they used an anonymous tip from a third party to react. The big picture brings a chilly reality to the business world. Any small business that uses known tactics to get that higher ranking may be in trouble. Google’s policy is unclear and quite vague about the subject, but it appears the mega giant has flexibility in their rules. The definition is that any company that causes its website to rank higher is guilty of spam. These companies will be blocked from the Google’s search results. The policy also states that Google doesn’t need to provide an explanation either. This lawsuit has the potential to change everything.

Allegedly Google Is Targeting Companies for SEO

The CEO of E-Ventures Worldwide, feels that he was directly targeted by Google. He stated on the record that he would got several new domain names and posted nonsense posts. Within minutes, Google would de-index the new site too. He believes the attack became personal. Google’s rebuttal was that they removed any sites that violated the webmaster guidelines. However, it seems their argument fell a little flat. The content really wasn’t the problem, as it was generic in nature. It was the direct attack against this company that is landing them in the hot seat. Their behavior is not consistent with their policies. It seems that Google may be showing their true feelings regarding SEO.

This Lawsuit Changes Everything

This lawsuit can shake the very foundation of search engine optimization. First, anyone that is using any business to manipulate their rankings is in danger of spam, and they can be de-indexed. Google went above and beyond their website rules arbitrarily, and they ignored their own algorithmic process. It appears that E-Venture Worldwide has a claim against the mega search engine giant. Google acted in haste due to a tip from someone they won’t name. They cost the plaintiff major money and are damaging their reputation in the meantime.

Waiting For The Game Changer

If Google wins this battle in court, it means that using title tags as well as keywords in headlines, could be considered suspect. Forget those legitimate backlinks or writing that daily blog. The entire world of search engine rules may be turned upside down. It is anyone’s guess how this legal drama will play out, but one thing is for sure, things are not looking good for Google. E-Venture Worldwide may be the company that changes the game completely for everyone.

Google is too big for them to take down totally, but what this can do is make every else in the business world have to revamp and redo their processes. Companies that are build around SEO may find their doors must close. One thing is for sure, everyone is going to be anticipating the outcome of this monumental case.