Important SEO Tips For Small Business Owners

Written by: Jason Bayless | May 29, 2017

Search engine optimization is important for small business owners. Here are six things to pay attention to in order to improve your search rankings:

1. Don’t Ignore Mobile Devices:

Your website won’t appear the same on mobile devices as it will on a traditional computer. Since it has been estimated that at least 50% of internet traffic is from mobile devices, Google currently ranks mobile friendly websites higher than websites that aren’t mobile-friendly.

One way to make your website mobile friendly is to have a version of the content for mobile devices and a version for non-mobile devices. Here are some tips for the mobile friendly version of your page:

  • Consider The Screen Size Of Mobile Devices: It’s essential that the content will appear correctly on a small screen. Therefore, you may need to have a larger number of pages with less information on each page.
  • Make Sure Videos Are Mobile Friendly: It is important to make sure that the scripts you use for video streaming are compatible with mobile devices. Some mobile devices aren’t able to read the same video streaming scripts as non-mobile devices.

2. Don’t Just Set It And Forget It:

Your website should change on a regular basis. Websites that regularly feature new content tend to receive much better search rankings than ones that don’t change. Simply adding a short update to your website each day can have a powerful effect on your rankings. If you aren’t able to write a large volume of fresh content for your website, you should consider hiring content writers to do it for you.

3. The Importance Of Keywords:

It is important that the keywords you choose are directly relevant to your business. It’s also essential to make sure that one to three percent of your content consists of them. This will ensure that you receive as much benefit from them as possible, but you won’t risk having your site removed from the search results.

4. The H1 Tag Is Priority One When Writing Your Content:

There should only be one H1 tag on your page, and it should always be used for the title. Your title should be catchy. This can help to substantially improve your search rankings.

5. Meta Descriptions:

Your meta description appears underneath your title in the search results. However, it’s important to note that only the first 150-160 characters will appear in the search results. Therefore, the meta description shouldn’t contain more than 160 characters. It also should provide a synopsis of the content on your page in a way that’s likely to draw in readers.