Importance of SEO

Written by: Jason Bayless | August 12, 2015

SEO is one of the most important aspects of online marketing for any business. It is a cornerstone of the traffic flow to a business’s website as well as the quality of that traffic, in terms of how interested in making a purchase each individual visitor is. That makes SEO one of the best ways a company can make itself more visible to its target demographic. Furthermore, a business that chooses not to invest in SEO when its rivals do will quickly find itself falling behind as it loses traffic, and therefore customers, to its better-equipped competition.

SEO has become focused on Google lately, and for good reason- in the US and Europe, Google is by far the most dominant search engine. That means that modern SEO work concentrates on ways to make a website rank better in Google search results and is closely tied to Google’s search ranking algorithm. Performance in terms of appearing higher on search pages ties in directly with designing a website in accordance with Google’s standards and the technical details that appeal to its algorithm.

Doing SEO well can make a massive difference in the amount of visitors a company sees per month. Just moving up a few places in the search engine results pages for a good list of keywords matters. So many people click on search results simply because they are near the top of the page that it opens up big opportunities for growth if a company can grab that coveted rank. Of course, a click is not a sale, and there is no guarantee that any one visitor is going to make a purchase or even stick around on the site. But driving more traffic to the site means more chances to convert leads into sales, and any business can benefit from that. More exposure is a way to increase the company’s penetration in its target demographic.

Other online marketing tools are useful, but SEO acts as a force multiplier for them. For example, if an ad doesn’t lead to a click-through but does cause the viewer to Google search for some relevant keywords later on, SEO is what pushes your company to the top of their results page. The same goes for social media campaigns- anything that inspires people to search for keywords related to your business is going to be much more effective if you can achieve high page ranks on the results pages. It is important, then, to undertake SEO in parallel with other marketing efforts, online or offline. That is the most effective way to improve your return on investment from marketing in general.
The bottom line is that SEO should be a major element in the marketing strategy of any business with Internet presence.

This is especially true for companies that rely on the Internet for a lot of their sales, because in that case traffic is a central part of their revenue stream. SEO is important because it can do so much for the bottom line of the business. Not all marketing efforts are this straightforward. With SEO, you can see how your traffic changes after you make SEO changes and how much of that new traffic become customers. That gives you a direct window on the results your investment has on your revenue.

It is hard to overstate the importance of SEO, whether you do it yourself or ask an external consultant to do the work for you. In either case, you will benefit by experiencing traffic growth. Rest assured that if you don’t capitalize on the benefits of SEO, someone among your competition will do it and leave you behind.